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  1. So far you've had replies from a Bunny, an angry, defiant baby and now, a Pig. That should tell you something. People on the train are a little odd but, we're all quitters like you! We all went through the whole deal, like you are doing now. Yeah, we "get it"! And because we all do, there's a wealth of information here. Read as much as you can. There's a lot of support here too if/when you need it. It can be fun to quit with other quitters and it helps to keep you accountable (to yourself)!


    Knowledge is Power; power to quit! Congrats on a great start. 6 weeks is awesome. A lot of the tough stuff is already behind you. Keep building on that foundation :) 

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  2. 2 hours ago, Wayne045 said:

    But then when you think more about it... what friend, loved one, or total stranger  is honestly going to just rudely blurt out that you, your house, or you vehicle reeks?   I never did.

    I had a sister that would have called me or anyone else out with great glee. She was just that kind of person, mean, nasty and vindictive. Made her day to humiliate or belittle someone in front of others although I realize, that's not the norm.

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  3. Yes it get's easier and yes .... there is an end in sight! Well, maybe not in your site when you're a few days into your quit but it IS there in the distance. All you have to do is not smoke! It will come to you just because you didn't feed you addiction. How great is that?

  4. Hi Oona & welcome to our quit train :) 


    Most of us thought we liked smoking as well but slowly, as we educated ourselves more and more about nicotine addiction once we had quit, we realized that we were just addicts. Smoking needed us - not the other way around. You see, addiction can't continue to live and thrive without us feeding it. 


    You've got a pretty nice start to your quit. I recommend you spend as much time here with us reading other posts and watching some of the videos as well when you can relate to one of the video's subjects. Knowledge is power and will see you through to life long freedom!

    Hope you stick around. You won't regret it!

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  5. Cat Saga - Based on a True Story


    20lb Black cat enters paper bag contrary to owner's verbal instructions



    Cat pondering this new environment



    Cat becomes agitated at the dangly handle thing, as owner looks on and realizes what's coming next



    Cat does exactly what owner thought and sticks head through 

    dangly handle and becomes immediately stuck. Cat begins to freak out while owner struggles with 20lb feline while trying to remove it's head from the handle!



    Owner cat proofs bag!




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