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  1. Welcome to the Train JohonQ :)  Just want to illustrate that with some slight change to your outlook, you can make a huge difference in the outcome of your quit 👍


    "I want to make this time the last time I quit." Change this to ..... I am fully committed to making this the last time I quit!


    "I'm very worry that if these urges keep coming back I may fail again like all previous quit.  I REALLY want to kick this addiction for good so help me God."

    Change this to ..... I'm not at all worried about occasional urges because they are just urges and I'm fully committed to quitting this time! I REALLY want to kick this addiction for good this time so help me God and nothing will stop me from achieving my goal!


    My point is, commitment & positivity will take you all the way to life long freedom. Trust me ..... it's true!

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