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  1. 28 minutes ago, jillar said:

    Confession: I do not know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop

    Not as many as you'd think :) 


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    3 hours ago, Lilly said:

    But they will still sell traditional cigarettes;that also cause deaths. 


    The irony 😞


    Actually, in Canada they don't.

    "Walmart, as well as all grocery stores. stopped selling cigarettes across Canada when Ontario's ban on pharmacy sales came into effect in 1994."

    You can not buy cigarettes in any store that either is a pharmacy or contains a pharmacy and many grocery stores in Canada have a small pharmacy section in them. I believe pharmacies are called "chemists" in some countries.

    Basically, convenience stores either contained within a gas station or stand alone stores are were people can buy cigarettes in Canada. There is the odd specialty smoke shop but not many.

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  3. The smart thermostats are pretty cool actually, once you get the hang of them. We have an Ecobee and the possible setting are endless pretty much. It also reads humidity, tells you what the weather outside is doing (rain, sun, snowing etc.). I like it. Can't say whether it saves us and $$ but it's neat to play around with it :) 

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  4. 5 hours ago, notsmokinjo said:

    So far this week we have had all the Saw movies...now it's the Hellraiser movies.

    I love those saw movies :) I also liked the Final Destination movies! Not sure why I'm not getting any cool movies here lately. Think it's the provider I have. We get noting of interest any more unless we pay up big time. Mostly "reality shows"; ha, reality .... right! 

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  5. No you don't have to but you will get ripped on the exchange rate by some vendors if you hand over US $$. I would have Canadian on hand if using cash money. Credit card well ... the bank behind it will handle the exchange and take a small piece. US $$ are accepted everywhere in Canada. It's just the exchange rate you will get that is the issue. Right now you should be getting minimum $1.30 Canadian for a Greenback. Any less, you're getting hosed!

    10 hours ago, notsmokinjo said:

    Thanks all. 


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  6. 2 hours ago, jillar said:

    OMG, not even ten minutes into the movie Wrong Turn 2 and one cannibal bit off part of a ladies face then another cut her perfectly in two with an axe! 

    I love scary movie month lol

    Wrong Turn (the original) one of the best 😵

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