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  1. With current events effecting everyone in different and many ways, stress and anxiety levels for most people are understandably higher, the best thing that has worked for me now and in the past are: Breathing exercises Here are a few techniques, I encourage everyone to try just a few minutes a day to do a technique that feels good to you, its a case of experimenting as everyone is different but the rewards are worth the time. Deep Breathing Most people take short, shallow breaths into their chest. It can make you feel anxious and zap your energy. With this technique, you'll learn how to take bigger breaths, all the way into your belly. Get comfortable. You can lie on your back in bed or on the floor with a pillow under your head and knees. Or you can sit in a chair with your shoulders, head, and neck supported against the back of the chair. Breathe in through your nose. Let your belly fill with air. Breathe out through your nose. Place one hand on your belly. Place the other hand on your chest. As you breathe in, feel your belly rise. As you breathe out, feel your belly lower. The hand on your belly should move more than the one that's on your chest. Take three more full, deep breaths. Breathe fully into your belly as it rises and falls with your breath. Breath Focus While you do deep breathing, use a picture in your mind and a word or phrase to help you feel more relaxed. Close your eyes if they're open. Take a few big, deep breaths. Breathe in. As you do that, imagine that the air is filled with a sense of peace and calm. Try to feel it throughout your body. Breathe out. While you're doing it, imagine that the air leaves with your stress and tension. Now use a word or phrase with your breath. As you breathe in, say in your mind, "I breathe in peace and calm." As you breathe out, say in your mind, "I breathe out stress and tension." Continue for 10 to 20 minutes. This is just 2 but there are many more you can do on google and youtube and trusted medical sites.
  2. Walking and running with the dogs today starts a new regime, going to add in some punch bag work and weights and back to more Yoga
  3. Great thread as those RED FLAGS do pop up, especially during times of anxiety like we are experiencing right now around the world! I can start my quit all over again once the storm has passed! ~ think again, get right with yourself, contact an ally, post an SOS~ Never has it been more important to KEEP YOUR QUIT ~ think again, get right with yourself, contact an ally, post an SOS~
  4. Omg me too, I still can't stop laughing, what a ripper lol
  5. Cant sleep, worrying about my peeps in UK, drank some coffee and definitely cant go back asleep now doh! memo to self put decaf coffee on wish list.
  6. Uggh have not done much over the past 10 days, we have stopped going to the gym (Just a germ pool) and I haven't done any Yoga as too stressed which is ironic as that's when I need to be doing it the most, so today its written on my to do list
  7. Self isolating here just going out for a once a week fresh produce top up shop and work, hopefully the weather warms up soon and we will be sitting in the sun with a nice glass of vino and wait for the storm to pass. I have high anxiety for the weak and the elderly, but am encouraged to hear a lot of stores are now opening up early just for them, this warms my heart.
  8. This happens to me too
  9. Hello everyone it's a nope from me I Couldn't think of a worse time to light up!
  10. That's a great post irene, opening up and acknowledging the addiction is a most important step, taking off the rose tinted sunglasses can be a eureka moment and where the true education and healing can begin Thankyou for posting as you too are helping others by sharing your journey The rope is continuous, there are people in front of us and behind us the main thing is to just hold on tight Reach out. That's what really saved me in my early days of my quit
  11. good morning and its a nope from me!

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