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    Gday Not One Puff E...... Remember insert Ever, Day, hour or min as required C
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    Congratulations @reciprocity on two years quit! You are such a HUGE part of this board and I thank you for all the support you give to everyone. I hope you have a great celebration planned because two years is AWESOME!!!!
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    NOPE - I don't smoke anymore. Happy Friday, everybody!
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    G’day I’m cbdave and more often that not I get to raise the NOPE pledge of a morning. Being close to the international date line and living on the east coast of Australia means that I get to see the new day a lot earlier than most. If I’m off fishing it can be really early as I hate my phone smelling of fish bait. It wasn’t always that way. I never posted a NOPE on the QSMB board in those first months. I thought it was a tad daggy. Couldn’t see the sense in it, if I smoked it was my fault it wasn’t needed to keep me honest. Had a bit of a rethink about the three month mark as I had two quit killers coming up. First a wedding with old friends who smoked and drinks... normally a recipes for smoking if every there was. On my return a biopsy for cancer. Sobering. So I started to post to keep myself in touch with the board and more importantly as an acknowledgement that Yes I was really an Addict. It really hit home that I needed to fess I that I was only a puff away from going back to that standard 20 cigs a day! So that’s me, now a diferent board ....but still taking the time to acknowledge the addict in me.... if only once a day. So pledge or don’t pledge but never forget what it stands for Not One Puff Ever Chris
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    G’day well it that time of the day, time to think about smoking.... NOPE  thats it, all done, till tomorrow morning C
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    G’day NOPE .... not on Australia Day. what doesn’t divide us will unite us. we share the responsibility of a old red land. on a green living planet..... C
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    G’day nope...Nope....NOpe....NOPe....NOPE C
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    G’day nope...Nope....NOpe....NOPe....NOPE C
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    G’day nope...Nope....NOpe....NOPe....NOPE C
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