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DD is mean


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There. I said it. She will probably deny it but I don't care. Can't keep bullying me. When we did meet she was like all "go comb your hair" I want a picture. Then she is this tiny person but the look she gives and the tone in her voice, it's chilling.

Anyway people should avoid crossing her. My case is hopeless. She puts stuff on my posts and is just rotten at times in the game sections. But save yourself and look at your feet when she passes by


Pure mean and not just regular girl mean either

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.....Then I certainly can't picture you at the DMV.... or on hold with your cable provider.... or waiting for your child as they finish an activity only to be seated next some annoying "Mother-of-the-year" type.


Oh well, I'll to just have to wait until someone uploads YouTube's next "World's Angriest Compilation Part 9" and see if you made it in.

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