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so simple, so fragile


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How can quitting be so simple - DO NOT SMOKE - and so fragile at the same time - JUST ONE can set you back, destroy your quit, make you start all over. 


The paradox of addiction?




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Yes it is simple and fragile all at the same time but it's your addiction that makes those thoughts of "just one" so appealing and convincing. Education about the addiction can help you anticipate these issues and then you are better prepared to deal with them. That's where the simple part comes in .... just N.O.P.E. every day :)

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We must protect our quits with unadulterated ferocity.  The receptors in our brain are always ready to re-engage nicotine addiction.

If 'they' are on alert, I must be also. Simple truths and simple resolutions, NOPEver.

You have a splendid quit going, Ren, and thoughtful posts.  Thank you.

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It is simple ...Take Smoking Off The Table No matter What !!!!

But we're addicts...and that little nico monster keeps tapping on your shoulder...

This is why you must be on your guard always...

Your doing great..don't listen to him / her...

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Quitting is easy.  Just don't smoke.  We stubbed out twenty cigarettes or more every day that we were smoking.  See?  It's easy-peasy.


Staying quit is hard.  Very hard.  And while I know it gets easier, I also personally know folks (my father, for instance) who gave up smoking over a decade ago, and he still wants a cigarette.  Every day.  He just doesn't act on the impulse anymore because he knows it will kill him.  That's a very depressing concept for me, and I'm certain he struggles because he didn't have a support group and he didn't educate himself on addiction.  He just did what his doctor told him and stopped smoking.


I want more than that.  I want to NOT want to smoke.  I thought I was there... but I DID want to smoke.  I just didn't want to quit again.  This time, I really need to get my head wrapped around the concept of not romanticizing the cigarette.  Not look for ways to get around the addiction.  (I've seen all kinds of exceptions - allowing yourself a cheat day once or twice a year, using nicotine-free vaporizors, etc.)  But, for me, I think as long as I'm looking for a way to cheat, I'm still romanticizing it.


Hello.  My name is Sunny and I'm a quitter.

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Education about this addiction is really the key to truly understanding that smoking does nothing good for us - nothing!! We only satisfy an unending loop of addictive behavior every time we light one up. That's it! Every other result of that action is bad. Bad health, less money, slavery to an addiction, social awkwardness. It's all bad - nothing good there.

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