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  1. I can totally relate. I spend my days editing; about 3pm every afternoon, I go down for a break and somewhere near the bottom of the stairs it occurs to me, I don't know where I'm going. Still. I still head for the deck where I used to have a smoke break, then turn around and wonder where to go. It's a mighty ingrained habit.
  2. I don't have so many, only 990 (wow really? nearly a thousand??) but they can go on the bonfire! I miss bonfire night
  3. Jeez Linda, I'm so proud of you. And you know? Every time I come in here and read that someone is still not smoking, it reinforces my own affirmation. This is a very supportive place to be.
  4. Hi Matthew, I just posted on another board about this; I have an air cigarette, don't use it for days at a time but occasionally, with a glass of wine, I'll take it out. It moves me past the craving. I think people have mixed feelings about air cigarettes but, depending how challenged you feel, it may be something to consider.
  5. Well done Linda! Just keep doing it, every day, in bite sized pieces. You're doing great, the fact that you keep coming back to do something incredibly difficult tells you all you need to know about your motivation. Be good to yourself and listen, this is clearly something you really want. I hope your test results bring a negative result, I know it can be stressful. I developed hypertension and an irregular heartbeat in July, it's what finally made me quit but the irony is that it's precisely this kind of stress that keeps us smoking, right? So, just keep doing it, a day at a time - that's how
  6. Well done Mick, I'm trailing right behind you (I quit August 15th). I can't imagine inhaling smoke into my lungs at this point, it seems kinda disgusting. I do still have cravings, they're not terrible but they're there and I still think about smoking more than I expected. I 'm still using patches though, down to the last couple. I've just read a post about alcohol, I enjoy a glass of wine at the weekend and I use an air cigarette occasionally, that gets me past any associative cravings but I hadn't touched it for over a week before last weekend and not since. I feel like I'm being propped up
  7. Thought I'd join in with this with my newly-discovered joy of cooking healthy meals. This takes 20 mins, fish (cod or tilapia) is roasted in an oven along with the grape tomatoes, both with fresh parsley, garlic and a little oil or lemon butter. Mushrooms sautéed in a pan with onions and garlic and broccoli steamed.
  8. But at least you're not giving up. Do you spend a lot of time on your own? I'm using an air cigarette - I can't believe how helpful it is.
  9. Hi Linda, just read through this thread and wanted to reach out to see how you're doing. I'm at the beginning of my journey and read on another thread something about how you can't be scared off from smoking by horror stories (I forget which thread now). This is absolutely true for me, I know all the stories, seen the images and smoked anyway. But there is something that DOES work for me so I want to share it with you, and it's this: After 1 day Just 1 day after quitting smoking, the risk of heart attack begins to decrease. After 2 days In as little as 2
  10. Hi Amyen, Welcome. I've recently quit too and only been here a week but wanted to say something. What you've said here resonates - so I want to share what is working for me. I definitely feel the desire to snack during the day but I'm snacking on celery and raw carrots. It's not brilliant but it takes the edge off and it's working. I'm also doing a lot of walking (about half a mile every hour, 8 hours a day). It's distracting and time consuming, I'm not losing a lot of weight but I'm not gaining either. I spent some time thinking beforehand about diet and nutrition because I'm well aware that
  11. So the problem with Newbies? They're constantly resurrecting old posts because they're still relevant! I relate, I relate... My timeline is a little different, dabbling as a teen, meeting and marrying a non-smoker in my late teens knocked it on the head. I was safe, I didn't develop, I had my children as a non-smoker... I divorced at 27... I socialised with my smoker brother, remembering the illicit drags on a cigarette, feeling rebellious... oy. By 30, I'd been 'smoking' for 3 years, calling myself a 'social smoker', don't smoke in the house' etc. The fact of the matte
  12. Gosh guys... I'm really sorry to hear the price you paid. I guess I got off lightly, it didn't feel so. In 2004, I randomly developed asthma. My then doc said he thought the damage had been done - he was as surprised as I was when the chest X-rays came back clear. Did I stop smoking? No, I didn't. In July this year, after a routine physical, my doc called to tell me blood pressure was up and I scored 121 on my bad cholesterol (good being 0-99). So please stop smoking. She's been saying this for 6 years now and I've learned to filter. I bought a blood pressure monitor so I could pre
  13. Ok, I'm sorry - that was a mis-direct. I actually live in TN, the 'stuck' part refers to the fact that there is nowhere really to go and I can't go 'home' just now. Hopefully soon.
  14. Thanks guys, Doreen I think I read somewhere that you're a Liverpudlian? I'm a Mancunian - currently stuck in Tennessee!

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