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  1. Jet Black

    Who's on the train...

    Name: Jet Black AKA: JB Quit Date: October 6 2017 About Me: I tend to treat everything as a big joke. I never "smoked" but I did have lung sex, put nails in the coffin, roasted tobacco, took a breath of fresh air... My name has something to do with my avatar and nothing to do with the color of my sexy lungs. Why I quit: Got tired of the mess involved. Plus I am too cheap to spend money on nicotine. Clothing and junk food are more important. As comical as it was to slowly kill myself by smoking, I was losing the ability to laugh without choking. Biggest bit of advice: For the love of God do NOT get married or have kids!
  2. OK so first, my biggest trigger for wanting a smoke is excitement. Well like last night my room mate cooked up an awesome dinner with rice and chicken breast. After eating and feeling stuffed, I thought "Holy crap that was delicious! Time for a cigarette! Eh crap, I don't smoke and ain't got no tobacco anyways". I do not get excited often but when i do, that is when I feel this weird "nudge" to want a smoke. But not enough to give in. Maybe I found an awesome deal on ebay. Whatever. But many people say stress is their big one. Well, no matter our age or whatever, stress is always about. Like at my boring job, sometimes I will be working and thinking of things that piss me off. Something that happened 30 years ago, something that I merely imagined, or whatever. So I will be basking in violent thoughts about people I cannot stand. Very stressful but never once during my hateful fantasies or memories do I think, "I want to smoke". As we age, stress is more common in life than excitement. Unless you drive a Pontiac. OK stupid joke. But yeah since life is mostly drudgery and stress, which trigger many smokers to light up, how does anyone manage to lay off? Side note - my room mate drives a Pontiac. It has a gas leak. So even if one of us did smoke we could not do it around the car cause it might explode. THAT would be hilarious.
  3. Jet Black

    I failed today.

    One thing though if people around you are smoking, vaping, chewing and all that - it can make it harder to keep your own quit. I saw in another thread about your friends coming over and smoking/vaping up a storm, maybe ask that they do it outside. Some will say, "you have only yourself to blame" but even if that IS the case, it sure makes it harder when others around are puffing away right in your face. For my own quit, I removed all temptation on the final day. My room mate does not smoke or anything. You have heard the expression about surrounding yourself with people you want to be most like. So as I said, avoid smokers if you can. Maybe you smoked today. That does not mean you have to smoke tomorrow.
  4. Jet Black

    I failed today.

    So those were the first smokes in 20 months? Well, get rid of whatever smokes you have left, do NOT smoke anymore, and go about your no-smoking life. You may have a few withdraws but after two cigarettes, I doubt it will be as bad as someone who smokes full-on and tries to quit. In other words, it shouldn't be too hard to stay quit again. Just be strong. The more you feed the nicotine receptors, the worse your next quit will be.
  5. Jet Black

    Sitting here crying wanting so bad to smoke

    Hey why would you even bother with your mom if she is such a PITA? Whether it involves coming close to smoking relapse or not, there really isn't any good reason to put up with it. I imagine the mental health damage done by dealing with your mom is way worse than anything a cigarette could compare to physically. So you quit the physical part of ruining your health, so why not drop the thing that is ruining your mental health too? Maybe you are thinking, "But I will feel bad when she is gone". Well, truth is, it can be a relief when a "difficult" relative passes. In our family, a few of us are looking forward to the day when dad kicks the bucket. NObody wants to be around someone who is unpleasant.
  6. Jet Black

    Can't wait to beat My Meat !! all 200 lbs

  7. I used to work some gas station. Occasionally, this guy came in who drove some Subaru with a loud stinky exhaust leak, he toted around an oxygen tank, AND he smoked non-filter cigarettes. One time I said, "you know, this is not a good combination" and he said something about how he was a sick man. How does someone survive for more than a week like that? On a different note, we also had this one lady come in who was professional looking like the boss at an office job, her legs were one mile long. No, really, they were 5,280 feet long. Holy **** just the sight made me want to smoke.. anyways I thought, "OK, this woman is TOO hot to be smoking cigarettes". One of those you just wouldn't expect to be a smoker. I thought that of myself when psyching up to quit. Like look in the mirror and think "Bitch you are TOO hot to be inhaling whatever is in cigarettes." But yeah, who the hell carries oxygen around and still smokes? /even if the CANNOT quit, couldn't they just switch to chewing tobacco and maybe not create a fire hazard?
  8. Jet Black

    death by vape pen

    That guy doesn't even look like he needed any more chemicals of any kind. Also, even if vaping is supposedly not as harmful as cigarettes, at least cigarettes do not randomly explode. if the cherry drops off you can at least put it out before it starts a real fire.
  9. Jet Black

    Post a Song you Like

    I know I am going to be THE MOST HATED member of this forum for posting this but remember this song? HA ha
  10. Jet Black

    Smokers and their insecurities

    I have heard a couple times in the past, "You don't do anything do you?" cause i don't smoke, drink, or use drugs. It is like, "How old are we?"
  11. reci was once a newbie and Notsmokingjo is a Booby.
  12. Jet Black

    Octain is 1 YEAR Smoke Free!

    Actually, I have not had any tobacco nor nicotine since my quit date 10-6-2017 but i am still smokin! That is to say i am THAT hot! Half-joking aside, sometimes i do get small craves but nothing strong enough to give in. As far as my absence, I often have a hard time behaving and plus I don't know, the fact that I quit isn't something I think about much except for the minor occasional thought of "I wouldn't mind a smoke". I will say my craves tend to hit when I get excited about something funny or good happening.
  13. Part of what helped me ease off the cancer sticks though - for about two years prior I mostly smoked roll-your-own smokes. The Top-o-matic machine with the crank handle that crammed tobacco into a tube. The tobacco sold in bags is cheap for a reason - it sucks. Probably lower nicotine. It is like the "low calorie" version of your favorite comfort food. I do not know how easy or hard it would have been if I were smoking real cigarettes.
  14. Jet Black


    I think the biggest reason I decided to "quit once" is because I am too much of a tightwad to spend money on cessation products. I always heard that they don't even work for everyone. I figured I wanted to "quit for free" cause i am a cheap skate.
  15. Jet Black

    Martian5 is 1 YEAR Smoke Free

    Once again I am late to the party. But yes, do you remember when you went through the "three month battle"? You even mentioned something to me about it because i had had mine. But now, actually over a year since you quit. Congrats. And about BKP's Mars year, oh what the hell, you will make that one too. Put the date Nov 21 2019 - THAT will be a martian year. An Earth year today, a Martian year tomorrow.

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