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  1. Jet Black

    too much?

    Pumpkin, no one is mad at you for enjoying those things. It appears you have been studying the typical American diet and decided to try it. Awesome You are doing better than me though - I cannot live without chocolate.
  2. Jet Black

    What are cigarretes to you ?

    I think a few cancer stick companies used to reward their victims customers. Shoot Doreen let me say - I would have bought you a set of towels if you needed that bad, I mean like if we didn't live on other sides of the planet. And about "wally" - I guess that means someone or something that is plain goofy or silly-ass? I guess that is a double entendre when they call Walmart "Wally world".
  3. Jet Black

    What are cigarretes to you ?

    Oh dear GYOD. That thing actually exists? Yeah what smoker wouldn't want THAT valuable thing? How cool do you have to be to carry your cigarettes in an authentic Nickelback tin? That is worse than when marlboro used to reward heavy smokers with a damn bike. No kidding. Like someone who smokes THAT much is gonna be able to ride a bike. Yep just mount an oxygen tank on the handle bar... I can't do this right now. When i think of the words to describe the horror of that tin, I shall return. Ok then, so what are cigarettes to me? Pretty much a G.D. joke. Their marketing schemes are ridiculous.
  4. Jet Black

    What are cigarretes to you ?

    Smoking is one thing that actually sucks worse than hearing Nickelback songs. Let that sink in.
  5. On Oct 6 2017 I quit cold turkey. No gum, no patches, vape, weed, pills, nothing. I had no idea I would still be quit. I remember thinking, "If I make it even a month..." I mean honestly, who really thinks they will be able to stick with it? it is scary to think of life deprived of tobacco. Like "Damn, so I just do not get to smoke anymore?" Plus all the propaganda about how hard it is to quit, how you NEED NRT, etc. Bullshit. You know what kept me from using NRT? I was not able to afford it at the time PLUS I am too much a cheap skate to pay for something I can do for free. I never picked up vape because whenever i saw people do it, it looked stupid. Worse than someone carrying a chew-spit bottle, worse than someone smoking a cigarette. I do not like to look stupid. it does not seem like my daily life is different until i remember things like - My cigarette break at work is now a hot chocolate break. I don't like coffee. One time at work we ran out of hot chocolate. I am not sure how I survived. None of my clothes in the past year were ruined because of cigarette cherries randomly falling apart (happens a lot with roll-your-own's, even in a good machine) My room and house do not smell like a disgusting ash tray. PLUS it is one less fire hazard. I do not feel like I am going to puke half the time. Looking back, cigarettes tasted like crap. It is like one imagines it will be some wonderful sensation but in reality, it was nasty. No more nasty-ass yellowish film all over everything. Soon after i quit, i took some wall pictures down to clean them and the rags went from white to nasty yellow. No more time wasted sitting there cranking out cigarettes with the top-o-matic machine. Had to make sure I had enough. But like also my blood pressure has decreased a little since quitting. Doctors say my lungs sound perfect. I can laugh like hell and not have a coughing fit. MY GYOD that was embarrassing to try to laugh and be like "BLAH HACK CHOKE COUGH HACK HOCK WHOAT GURGLE SPAT..." Or trying to fall asleep but being awoken cause my lungs would rattle. Take a deep breath? For-get it. How the hell did I not die of smoking? I was one of those who thought smoking was a big joke. I used to call it things like "Having lung sex" or "going out for a roast" or "going out to choke on carbon monoxide" or "ensuring an early grave" or "sexing up the air". But I thought, "What if I DO die early from this shit? Who will take my place as the forum troll on web places I visit? Where will my room mate live? Who will keep Goodwill in business? Who will keep Pepsico in business? Who will the general public laugh at? They are all depending on me!" I knew it was time to quit. Now when I see someone smoking, I want to say, "What the heck are you doing? That is nasty!" Honestly, there are still moments I think I would like one but I do not need that pile of crap back in my life. It's just gross.
  6. Jet Black

    3rd times a charm.....

    I remember one of your quits was either the day before or the day after mine. We talked briefly about it, something about having seats right next to each other on the Quit Train. You were one of the first people I remember seeing on here. You, Reci, Bakon, Doreen, couple others. You mentioned in this thread about not feeling so comfortable and gung ho about this quit. I will tell you a little secret - My first few days I thought the same thing, "If I can stay quit, if I make it an entire month..." Things were easy for the first couple months but just about the three month mark, it was hell. I have NO clue why it took so long for the big battle to hit. I was actually kind of surprised when you quit showing up here, supposedly relapsed. We quit about the same time and you were part of my inspiration to stay quit. It had been a few weeks and I thought, "Other people like this lady quit about the same time I did, so if she can do it, so can I." that might sound weird but it was honestly one of the things that helped my early days. Because you helped me (whether you realized it or not) I need to ask - is there anything I can say or do that might give you some help? My personal opinion is that if you made it an entire week, you can do this long haul. Nothing is as bad as the first few days. Well, you got past those so things are going well.
  7. There might be a limit on how often you can change it, but I doubt most people reach such a point. I only changed mine once, and that was just from JetBlack to Jet Black. When I joined I didn't know spaces were allowed.
  8. Jet Black

    what is the hardest part

    Pretty simple - the hardest part of quitting for me was fighting off craves. I never felt guilt or shame about smoking. I just got tired of the mess involved like the smell and it was just gross. That and i figured If I wanted to avoid health problems... After age 40 isn't the best time in life to play games with your health. I guess what helped me hang on to the quit was focusing on the things I didn't like about smoking. I didn't want to spend the money, didn't want to ruin outfits with the smell, didn't want to clean up cigarette butts and ashes. I do not know your living situation but one thing that might help is avoiding temptation. If you do not live with smokers then that should be easy - just do NOT have any tobacco in the house. Toss the ash trays. Do whatever practical to not remind yourself of smoking. I would say toss the lighters but sometimes those come in handy as they are more of a tool than a smoking thing. But if you must toss them for the time being, if it helps then yeah. Clean up as much evidence of smoking as you can. Like emptying the car ash tray, launder curtains and beddings, maybe all clothes. If you live with a smoker - try to make whatever arrangements necessary. Maybe they go outside to smoke, maybe they hide their cigarettes from you, whatever. For me when I quit, i basically had to get it completely out of my life. It was a cleaning project. My room mate does not smoke so that helped.
  9. Jet Black

    Why am I craving so bad after almost 7 months??

    Some of us get craves even after an entire year quitting. Maybe for you the "three month craves" came late? But yeah, the best thing to do is avoid temptation. I am not going to lie, I think if someone came over and left a pack of smokes, i would likely give in if I were having a bad moment. So yeah, destroy the cigs is best.
  10. Jet Black

    How to check the health of ones lungs ?

    I am no doctor but I would assume that if one quits smoking, their lungs are not going to get any worse unless they already have cancer. However, I would also assume that if you quit before getting cancer, the lungs will at least get better. You know how doctors are. They will tell you that you have some horrible disease and have to take medication the rest of your life. They always say that.
  11. It looks like you are coming up on your three month mark. That might be a time you really need to protect that quit. I do not know about most quitters but my ass about fell apart on the three month date. Now about the parents - One expects the little kids to fight but the parents? What the hell were they even fighting about? Next time just yell, "If you two do not settle down, I am going to pull over and beat both your asses!" Or at the very least, chew them out the same way one would if their kids were fighting. My younger step sister and I thought the car was a boxing ring. Either way, you need to start putting your foot either DOWN or perhaps UP a couple peoples' asses. AND - hell of a good job maintaining the quit. Under easy circumstances, anyone can KTQ but in difficult cases (like dealing with pesky parents) when someone does not relapse, THAT shows strength.
  12. Jet Black

    Why did you start smoking ?

    Curious. That is about the only reason. I was 27, working in a store, bombarded constantly with tobacco ads and such. Plus everyone around me smoked it seemed. Also pottanramu - they pretty much call everything out there a "drug". Shopping, sugar, porn, music, coffee... After a while, the word "drug" loses it's meaning. Not that nicotine is good news but it isn't like someone who smokes meth or crack and starts hallucinating then going to walmart to act stupid. Nicotine tends to relax the nerves but a nicotine user doesn't pose any huge threat to anyone's safety.
  13. Jet Black

    I screwed up :(

    Jillar is right, however, that reward isn't instantly evident. Once the worst of the craves go away, only then does one start to realize, "hey, I don't need a cigarette as bad as i used to".
  14. Jet Black

    Jet Black is 1 YEAR Smoke Free

    Kind of funny this was posted. Lately I have had this thing about Delta Burke.
  15. Jet Black


    Looks like you quit exactly one year after i did. Stick with it. The early days suck. But you get to a point, for me it was after a solid week, and you realize, "i can do this". One year flies by. On Oct 6th 2019, we need to keep nosmokingjo on her toes by both of us having yearly markers.

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