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  1. Jet Black

    what is the hardest part

    Pretty simple - the hardest part of quitting for me was fighting off craves. I never felt guilt or shame about smoking. I just got tired of the mess involved like the smell and it was just gross. That and i figured If I wanted to avoid health problems... After age 40 isn't the best time in life to play games with your health. I guess what helped me hang on to the quit was focusing on the things I didn't like about smoking. I didn't want to spend the money, didn't want to ruin outfits with the smell, didn't want to clean up cigarette butts and ashes. I do not know your living situation but one thing that might help is avoiding temptation. If you do not live with smokers then that should be easy - just do NOT have any tobacco in the house. Toss the ash trays. Do whatever practical to not remind yourself of smoking. I would say toss the lighters but sometimes those come in handy as they are more of a tool than a smoking thing. But if you must toss them for the time being, if it helps then yeah. Clean up as much evidence of smoking as you can. Like emptying the car ash tray, launder curtains and beddings, maybe all clothes. If you live with a smoker - try to make whatever arrangements necessary. Maybe they go outside to smoke, maybe they hide their cigarettes from you, whatever. For me when I quit, i basically had to get it completely out of my life. It was a cleaning project. My room mate does not smoke so that helped.
  2. Jet Black

    Why am I craving so bad after almost 7 months??

    Some of us get craves even after an entire year quitting. Maybe for you the "three month craves" came late? But yeah, the best thing to do is avoid temptation. I am not going to lie, I think if someone came over and left a pack of smokes, i would likely give in if I were having a bad moment. So yeah, destroy the cigs is best.
  3. Jet Black

    How to check the health of ones lungs ?

    I am no doctor but I would assume that if one quits smoking, their lungs are not going to get any worse unless they already have cancer. However, I would also assume that if you quit before getting cancer, the lungs will at least get better. You know how doctors are. They will tell you that you have some horrible disease and have to take medication the rest of your life. They always say that.
  4. It looks like you are coming up on your three month mark. That might be a time you really need to protect that quit. I do not know about most quitters but my ass about fell apart on the three month date. Now about the parents - One expects the little kids to fight but the parents? What the hell were they even fighting about? Next time just yell, "If you two do not settle down, I am going to pull over and beat both your asses!" Or at the very least, chew them out the same way one would if their kids were fighting. My younger step sister and I thought the car was a boxing ring. Either way, you need to start putting your foot either DOWN or perhaps UP a couple peoples' asses. AND - hell of a good job maintaining the quit. Under easy circumstances, anyone can KTQ but in difficult cases (like dealing with pesky parents) when someone does not relapse, THAT shows strength.
  5. Jet Black

    Why did you start smoking ?

    Curious. That is about the only reason. I was 27, working in a store, bombarded constantly with tobacco ads and such. Plus everyone around me smoked it seemed. Also pottanramu - they pretty much call everything out there a "drug". Shopping, sugar, porn, music, coffee... After a while, the word "drug" loses it's meaning. Not that nicotine is good news but it isn't like someone who smokes meth or crack and starts hallucinating then going to walmart to act stupid. Nicotine tends to relax the nerves but a nicotine user doesn't pose any huge threat to anyone's safety.
  6. Jet Black

    I screwed up :(

    Jillar is right, however, that reward isn't instantly evident. Once the worst of the craves go away, only then does one start to realize, "hey, I don't need a cigarette as bad as i used to".
  7. Jet Black

    Jet Black is 1 YEAR Smoke Free

    Kind of funny this was posted. Lately I have had this thing about Delta Burke.
  8. Jet Black


    Looks like you quit exactly one year after i did. Stick with it. The early days suck. But you get to a point, for me it was after a solid week, and you realize, "i can do this". One year flies by. On Oct 6th 2019, we need to keep nosmokingjo on her toes by both of us having yearly markers.
  9. Jet Black

    Jet Black is 1 YEAR Smoke Free

    Thank you everyone. I wish I were somewhere like the photo Reciprocity posted. The weather around here is STILL warm enough to be by the pool. The only disturbing thing about being a year quit is realizing the past year flew by. I mean honestly, except for having nasty craves (only mild ones now) it seems like I quit only last week. Well the good news is I found a place that seems to appreciate some of my "troll" posts better so I can behave around here. But you know, you will soon be one year as well. I mean honestly, making it from 9 months to 12 is easy. It didn't seem like a huge deal really but one thing did happen - my room mate and i went to steak n shake and ate til we nearly busted. Gyod we were hurting. Last time i was in there a couple years ago I was with a friend who smoked and we had to step out every few minutes to "cancer up" again. This time i didn't even think of smokes aside telling my room mate it had been exactly a year. We were comparing pics of what we thought were pretty women, and I have this horrible "guilty pleasure" of liking Delta Burke when she was younger. Yeah, I know. I would be less embarrassed to admitting relapse if i ever did.
  10. Jet Black

    October Lido Deck Calendar

    I wonder if October is possibly a bigger month than january? Of course everyone makes their resolutions in january but we know how THAT goes. "I am going to pay off bills, lose weight, quit smoking, put more towards savings, drink less, spend more time with family..." And then reality has it's say... But October - maybe it is getting chilly so people do not feel like going outside to puff away. Who knows. Now these sexy ladies - I can name them left to right - Reci, Bakon, Mrtitwank, and Sslip. They may not have cigarettes but they ARE smoking for sure!
  11. My body weight has held pretty steady most of my adult life, unless I make a serious effort to drop some. But yeah, before, during, and after my smoking years, my weight was never affected. Last year when i dropped the habit, i was expecting to become a fatso or at least end up gaining 20 pounds but that never happened. It was weird too because a few weeks after quitting, I was obsessed with food. That didn't really last though. So was the whole, "you will gain weight" just another lie told by the medical field so they could sell products to help you quit? Kind of like how they say it is harder to quit nicotine than it is crack, heroin, meth, qualudes, sniffing glue, and alcohol combined. WTF ever. I ain't trying to boast but after a year without smoking, I think MOST of whatever noticeable changes happen have already came. But yeah, neither getting fat nor freaking out like a crack addict ever happened. normal?
  12. Jet Black


    Oh yeah, a lot happens during recovery. things like... night coughing stops. smell and taste come back Just wait until your blood pressure lowers. That does not happen overnight but after several months of not smoking, it levels out back to normal. Mine is kind of high for whatever reason but yeah, benefits of quitting are scattered across the calendar and several.
  13. Jet Black


    People do have a habit of necromancing threads that have been inactive for several years but to send them to you as messages is weird.
  14. Jet Black

    Escape the Vape

    There might be more nicotine in a hit of vape than a puff of tobacco. Either way, yeah I do not miss "needing" a smoke. It's weird though cause the only times I have nicotine craves (even if real brief) is at night at home when I COULD feed such a habit.
  15. Jet Black

    Escape the Vape

    The first time I learned of vaping about six years ago, I was at a night club. Some tall, uppity looking woman was there with what looked like a cigarette and I asked if we were allowed to smoke in here (very few places allow it). Anyways she explains it is an electronic cigarette, and it is just harmless water vapor coming out. So I wondered what the hell is the point of "smoking" water vapor? I do that every time i take an extra hot shower and the bathroom steams up. I didn't ask but it just sounded stupid. I started to see vaping people out in public. Something about the way they did it and carried themselves screamed one thing - DOUCHE BAG. Like walking around all proud of their electronic cigarette like they were somehow sticking it to the man. At least cigarette smokers typically try to hide their habit. Vape people put their habit on display. I asked someone about vaping and they explained you had to buy a bunch of stuff to get started. That and it really wasn't much cheaper than smoking REAL cigarettes. People say they quit smoking but they started vape. That is not quitting, it is making a lateral move. It is like when a drunk quits drinking only to start downing bottle of cold medicine. Lateral move. And that vape exhaust? The huge obnoxious cloud smells like someone puked after eating an entire bag of Halloween candy. Vape companies are fighting tooth and nail to say it is not harmful or at least less so than cigarettes. Kind of like Camel said more doctors smoke camel. Cardiologists, lungologists, and even anusologists agreed. I think the MOST healthy and most cost-effective is to not use ANY form of nicotine. BTW, yesterday i had to go see a "cut the mole off the back of my legologist and her assistant smelled like a cigarette. I wanted to blurt out, "It smells like cigarettes" but no, if someone is chopping flesh off your thigh, it is best to be nice.

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