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  1. Jet Black

    Sslip is 11 Months Smoke Free!

    ask a mod to edit the title. You put 1 months.
  2. Jet Black

    Another Boxshitter Thought

    What if cats think of us as "bowlshitters"
  3. Jet Black

    One Question

    Boo is right. All that really matters is if you actually lit up or not. Some people have this weird philosophy like just thinking of doing something is the same as doing it (like you have already sinned in your heart). Well if THAT is the case then here is my confession - I have been smoking five packs a day since Oct 6 2017. No, I didn't smoke smoke but I did so in my heart. Not like through a vulva or vestibule in my throat but just imagining smoking. What is that hole in the throat called that some smokers get so they can smoke two cigarettes at once? But if "just thinking of doing something" is the same as doing it, I have also been going to the gym, cleaning up my diet, working overtime, volunteering at the soup kitchen...
  4. It kind of bites but when we decide to quit, we don't get off easy. We have to suffer and pay some dues to prove to ourselves we are serious about not wanting to die a nicotine/tobacco infested death. Alright look, we all started somewhere. Now look at the celebrations. Some have been quit over a year now. We went through the same thing in the beginning. Being pissed off, tired, cravings, and other BS. But we get through it. I think minor cravings are something that could last years but the really big ones do die down after a couple weeks, if that.
  5. Jet Black

    Notsmokinjo is 1 Year Smoke Free Today!!!

    Quite awesome. Congrats on keeping the quit. I mean a year is something huge. Ain't it nice to be at the start of counting YEARS since smoking? We start with hours, then days, weeks, months, but now it is years. Think of all the profits you have deprived the bastard , I mean, big tobacco companies.
  6. Jet Black


    It is hard to say. A few have come along that are all gung ho and last a few weeks at least then just relapse. Sometimes you can tell though because they keep talking about quitting but never make it happen. Myself - *I* didn't think I would last but by the time I got to this forum I had already been quit for a few weeks. On different subject - did you know that you can tell by a trailer park king's mulletude just how much he shops at Walmart? He is a REAL man who smokes Marlboro reds. AND he has the complete Lynard Skynard collection. On 8-tracks.
  7. Jet Black

    Sex, Health, Money and Time

    Oh yeah it was romantic how we would be blowing smoke in each others' faces and thinking nothing of it.
  8. Jet Black

    Sex, Health, Money and Time

    I hate to admit this but sometimes i would smoke WHILE having sex or "alone". Kind of a brave thing when smoking RYO because if you ever tried one, you know the cherry isn't always real stable. But yeah I once had this partner and we would adjust our positions so we could safely smoke while in "action". Maybe have to stop oral action to take a puff off the nicotine stick, but never during orgasm. To this day I have NO clue how i gave up smoking and stayed quit. Crapola hell I was hooked.
  9. Jet Black

    quit tool boxes

    Probably Bakon, Mr titwank, or Reci. I wasn't here yet so i know it wasn't mine. Ok so I do not think I had much of a "quit tool box". For the first time in my life i was pumped about quitting. I mean I REALLY wanted it. I guess if I had a tool box of sorts - I was planning on smashing my cigarette machine with a hammer one month into my quit. Yeah one month just in case I decided to relapse. To be God-honest, I did not think I would last as a non smoker. Somehow I did though. But yeah i ended up giving the machine to my sister who was gonna give it to our nephew. I didn't really explain how to use it but figured he would probably learn. After all, he was 8 years old, he could read the instructions well enough. Ok kidding aside, he was over 30. So I ditched everything smoking related. That was a physical tool. My motivation to stay quit was the biggest thing. ONE tool though, and I hope no one else suffers this - close to Thanksgiving in 2017, I ended up with cellulitis (it is NOT smoking related). It was the WORST ailment I have ever had. All I wanted to do was lay around and suffer. during those couple weeks, i wasn't gonna do jack crap to make myself feel worse. Long story short, life SUCKED during that time. Short of cash, thanksgiving ruined, it was cold, work sucked, etc. The point is, you know Mr Titwank would probably enjoy it.
  10. Jet Black

    quit tool boxes

    pliers, hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches, socket sets, torx sockets, pry bars, basic stuff.
  11. Jet Black

    What are you doing right now

    Yeah right, he is probably a virgin when it comes to masturbation. Kind of similar weather situation in Indiana. I do not mind the grey though. It sounds weird but anymore I really do not like sunshine or a lot of light in general.
  12. Jet Black

    What are you doing right now

    Well, last time i enjoyed my own company (so to speak), things got a little out of hand and i had to call the police on myself for domestic violence. There was a restraining order for a while. But nowadays instead if "netflix and chill" I watch those Navage commercials when I need to get in the mood.
  13. Jet Black

    Why a relapse after so long

    I have been quit for 14'ish months. I smoked for 15 years. It is still several times a week I get a brief crave for a smoke. For your own situation - It looks like you are on your third week. Just use that as encouragement when needed and think, "I survived three weeks without a smoke, no need to ruin it now". You have made it through the wort days which is the first week. Battles will come and go but you already proved you can do it. Some people here need this forum to maintain their quit in the beginning. Yeah there is a lot of fun stuff, joking around, whatever. The sad parts though is hearing about omeone's death from smoking. I doubt anyone picked up their first cigarette and thought, "This could eventually kill me, this will cost me, it will make me stink, make me a slave, etc". Cigarettes are evil little bastards. What made me finally want to quit more than i wanted to smoke - I finally realized what assholes cigarettes are. I came to hate them. What helps me keep my quit NOW is this - I do not want to go back to the slavery of being a smoker. I prefer to live on MY terms. Even if parts of my lifestyle pisses off the Trump supporters. Wait, wrong forum... But to be honest, yes there are times I really want one. Cannot do it though. So then, what is YOUR reason to never go back to smoking?
  14. Jet Black

    Only 1 More Week!!!!

    Which one is Stewie's date? More important though - why are that doll's lips opened like that? Is it just to eat popcorn? OH I KNOW! She is in great shock from a scene in the movie! Boy is I smart or is I smart? I wonder if that guy would be welcome in a gay bar?
  15. Jet Black

    What are you doing right now

    I am trying to decide if i want to have some self-love tonight. I have to get up before the crack of 4:00PM tomorrow so not really sure.

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