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  1. What brand were they? Good job on not smoking. I think if it had been me, I likely would have given in depending on the brand. Just hope the universe doesn't decide to test you during a particularly weak time. The weak moments come and go. Oh that would be hilarious. You see a thread pop up on here, "Someone put a pack of cigarettes in my mailbox".
  2. Well, ha ha, this is going to seem laughable but check this out. I have a hard time saying this with a straight face but what if he wanted to go down that road for something goofy like oh, living longer, living better, saving money, not smelling like an ash tray. I know those are asinine reasons to quit smoking but oh heck why not? Maybe when people don't quit smoking, they would rather risk the road of getting some horrible smoking ailment. Sure it is worse than quitting but hey, at least someone gets to smoke their cigarettes.
  3. A few things really caused me to quit. One being the fact that I could not laugh like a jack-ass when I found something comical. I would try to laugh and end up nearly choking. I would try to sleep but had to cough a certain way so my breath would quit rattling. I got pissed off at the cigarettes. But yeah, when I realized I was getting better, it was the first night in 15 years I fell asleep with NO rattle noises. It was also when I could laugh loud and obnoxiously again without coughing. You know thing that isn't discussed much but when I did smoke, I felt pretty guilty. I would buy something nice, maybe a new outfit, or whatever. The thought I often had was, "How long til cigarette smoke ruins this?"
  4. Phillip Morris makes the nastiest cigarettes out there anyways. Taste like bleach. Bunch of crooks. Even when I smoked I hated anything PM. I still do give to tobacco and nicotine companies though. Yeah, I give them the bird. Don't feel too bad. Look at your own quit date. Now, I remember you once PM'ed me something about how you were coming up on the three-month battle (a big one). Now it is over a year and three months. But we CAN hate them for fighting tooth and nail to stay in business, even if that means killing more people. Yeah we all wish we were rich but at what point do the big shots realize their wealth is because people die by using their products?
  5. That is nothing. Mark Twain made some kind of quote about it was easy to quit smoking, he has done it 1,000 times. Just think of the willpower and strength it takes to quit 1,000 times. I wonder if he posted an SOS to whatever quit forum on the web that was around back then?
  6. so get this - I have worked at the same place over seven years. Seldom ever saw anything stupid. But... Friday someone was in a wreck. Monday there was one, Tuesday there was one and I was 20 minutes late, and today I left early just to account for any BS I might encounter. Surr as a crap diaper stinks, there was a wreck close to my job. In do not work weekends but anyways, so I am wondering how many days in a row, HOPING no one hits MY heap of blue crap. You know, back in Dec 2015, someone side swiped my car because I was in the turning lane and he was at a red light, he was trying to get to the gas station. Just pulled out right in front of me. Yeah I got a nice insurance check (more than the car was worth) Pop quiz - GUESS, just GUESS what he was going in to buy while we waited for the police? KTQ kids.
  7. I now know that nicotine and tobacco produce something of a "high". Maybe like a watered-down "stoned" effect one gets from smoking weed. For me, I was on that tobacco "high" for 15 years. I never really noticed just how bad many drivers were. Anyways, since quitting 1.5 years ago, I notice a lot of drivers suuuuuck. Everything from aggression, not paying attention, tailgating on the highway, not using headlights when it is dark out, whatever. Today though, there was a wreck on the highway. This was hours ago yet I am still annoyed. Because of ONE careless needle-prick driver, 100's of peoples' day was thrown off. I was late for work. You know, I ain't gonna lie. If I were a "Stress smoker", today would have done me in. I feel like jack slapping someone but not too much like smoking. I even told my room mate that if stress were trigger then I would have picked it back up this day. But no, my trigger to want to light up is excitement. Like if Micheal Bolton released a new album. OK kidding, don't no one listen to that. So anyways, however long you have been quit for, did you notice drivers started to suck worse at that point?
  8. Jovan white musk. I am a cheap hoebag.
  9. I do not think there is a lot of connection between body modification and nicotine use. One might argue that both appeal to similar demographs. I think some vape shops might be closing shop simply because there is so much competition right now. It is the next big thing and everyone is trying to get rich off it. Not that this matters but the place i got my couple tattoos done, it almost looks like a doctor's office inside. I was hoping for a colonoscopy but I guess that is not part of the procedure. He put on those rubber gloves, I got excited over nothing. When I first learned what vape was, some prissy woman was telling me, "It is harmless water vapor". I thought, "What the heck is the point of smoking water vapor, give me a REAL cigarette!" Maybe this is blasphemy but TBH, if I HAD to use nicotine, it would be a real smoke, not some silly vape or NRT. Screw that. But I have not used any since... On Oct 2nd 2017, I tried to quit, just quit smoking. It lasted four hours. So, I cut down to three cigarettes a day, puffs spread out over the day. I decided Oct 6th I would quit. No pills, patches, vape, gums, nothing. I figured that crap would cost money AND drag out the addiction so I decided to go "Cold turkey". I have not smoked or used any nicotine since, but there is bad news... That day i became addicted to cold turkey. The very next day, I was at the deli getting a cold turkey sandwich. On thanksgiving, I have to let the turkey get cold before I can eat it. Sometimes when I go to visit people, I have to excuse myself to go eat a piece of cold turkey. One time I was so desperate but broke, I went to the deli to get five pounds of cold turkey, and I ran out without paying! People complain that my clothes, car, and house smell like cold turkey. I will quit one day. I have tried to quit but after a couple days I say, "one slice won't hurt" but then the cycle starts all over. What is the lesson here? Umm, I don't know.
  10. There is a big difference between smoking and eating junk food that people are forgetting - cutting back on junk food is practical, unlike cigarettes where "cutting back" just does not work. When trying to quit smoking, one has to give it up completely. When trying to get in shape, you can still have some junk food, just have the discipline to cut back. But also, try to limit the junk food on hand. Do not be like me and have three or four different kinds of ice cream in the freezer. Well shoot, I quit smoking, what the hell more does my stupid body want? Anyways so yeah, moderation.
  11. If a big trigger happens to be excitement, maybe pester a room mate instead. Or aggravate the neighbor's dogs. Yeah, my biggest emotional trigger is when I get excited, say like finding some awesome deal on ebay
  12. MAY 8TH? Holy crap! That is a long G.D. time to wait when someone is having problems breathing. If things get too bad, just get to E.R. A slightly achy tooth could wait several more weeks, lungs cannot.
  13. I was looking thru nthat and came upon this - "In previous variations of the IRS impersonation phone scam, fraudsters demand immediate payment of taxes by a prepaid debit card, wire transfer or gift cards." So I suppose if they call and say I owe taxes but demand that the balance be put on a Macy's gift card, I should assume they are pulling my leg?
  14. sgt Barney has basically the best answer. The long and short is you quit feeding your nicotine habit, but also for the love of all that is good- DO NOT TAKE UP VAPE! Oh yes, they are pushing like hell for smokers to quit by switching to vape. That is "out of the frying pan and into the fire". But, for some "noise"
  15. That picture of Haiti looks like a typical American section 8 neighborhood. As far as North Korea, I haven't figured out why the locals have not strung up Kim Jong un by his gonads and used spiked clubs to beat him like a pinata.

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