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  1. Jealous ..................... looks beautiful. Enjoy to the Max !! Can you leave your computer & password to the site with someone who will sub for you all week on Chicks or Sticks :P
  2. ^^^^ In ............................ :D
  3. Come join us mikecoulson while you quit smoking. You will find a lot of good information about smoking and quitting as well as some very good support here from everyone and that does make a difference. Look forward to hearing from you again :)
  4. "He says "Yes, dear" a lot." Happy wife ..... happy life. Works for everyone :) Happy B-Day by the way :D
  5. Hahaha ... not even sure who or what Baby Einstein is but it's great that you're spending time with your Granddaughter :) And yes, after watching kid's DVD's repeatedly for days - the beach will be a nice change!
  6. No worries Bakon ........................... We're on the same team :)
  7. Wow! Great Job Stewie. Almost a whole year. Keep doin' what you're doin',
  8. Don't give in to that urge Joybella!! It will pass and you simply can't give up that hard fought for quit. Post back here and let us know you're OK ! I'm gonna PM you to make sure you're OK.
  9. Huh .... explanation required. Does the Queen come??
  10. reciprocity

    Lent begins

    You are adding the most meaningful thing you possibly could to lent this year without possibly realizing it? YOU HAVE QUIT SMOKING! I'm no biblical scholar but I believe somewhere in there it talks about your body being a temple? Just think what you are doing to honour that notion this year. Stay the course Dee Gal........
  11. Not necessarily .......................... we might have other things to do.
  12. Yes, our nice new BIG stick cave :D

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