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    chicks or sticks

    -14 Morning .........
  2. Good job so far Evelyn!! You've still got work to do yet but you are well on your way. You can do this. We can all do this if we want it badly enough.
  3. Have a great non-smoking B.D. Maybe try something new like ..... surfing?
  4. OK, well there's actually a place in Newfoundland Canada called "Come By Chance". Imagine telling people you are from there? Or how about this town, also in Newfoundland ......................
  5. I remember wondering if people who didn't smoke could tell that I did smoke when they got in my car (that of course I smoked in) - Of course they did! I was the one who couldn't smell it.
  6. 15,500 of the world's 25,000 estimated population of Polar Bears live in Canada.
  7. I'm sure, in the end, they will put whatever political spin on this that they need to in order to justify their actions. Whether it has any effect or not, is debatable. I don't understand all this *****-footing around that governments do with smoking. Oh, let's outlaw small packs to reduce younger people getting into smoking. Oh, let's put horrible disease photos on cigarette packs. Maybe people will stop buying them. If governments were really interested in putting a stop to smoking, they would just make it illegal. Wouldn't stop all smoking but it would stop a lot of it. No one ever died from nicotine withdrawal so current smokers would just have to deal with it and in the end, it would be to their benefit anyway. Now, the job losses in the "big tobacco" industry and related industries as well as the loss of tax revenues are the real reasons governments won't ever take a real stand against smoking.
  8. reciprocity

    chicks or sticks

    I remember my great, great Grandfather telling me about the time the Sticks once won this game, back when he was a member of this board. -9
  9. It's unbelievable to me how much time was consumed thinking about & planning smoking related stuff. I never realized that while I was a smoker but I sure do now. It's also taking a long time for my brain to adjust to the "new me". I still find smoking related thoughts popping into my mind quite often. Not a desire to smoke but more of a thought about, do I need a pack of smokes, when I'm near a place I used to buy them at. That kind of thing is still pretty fresh in my mind. I do really look forward now to social gatherings where I can actually participate fully now as as non smoker. No more sneaking away for a smoke every once in a while. And traveling, whether by car or by air, is a real pleasure now. No more worrying about "getting my next Fix"!

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