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Covid up tick

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What the heck Michigan and so many states are climbing in covid cases again!!

I just found out I have four relatives here in Michigan that tested positive and two

In Colorado. They all have been vaccinated and had boosters WTF. One of them

Is in the hospital not doing well. Is it ever going to end  Are the vaccinations really

working???? I know they said you could still get it but would be a mild case.

Getting scary again. Just in time for the holidays again

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I did have two vaccines and will take a third when available.  That said, I have never stopped wearing a mask, social distancing, and staying home when possible.  I do go out for groceries, the doctor, shopping when I just have to have a break from the house.  This Covid thing is the new normal, it won't go away anytime soon.  We just have to be proactive in how we react to it.  My son thinks I am crazy but I have stocked up on everything I need to run smoothly. Now when he comes by he checks what I have.  Now he remembers those times when he had moved out but came home and raided the pantry and the bathrooms.  LOL  I will not run out of TP, dog food, food for me, batteries, flashlights etc.  It is a sad way to live but my old saying "safe not sorry".



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@Linda glad to not see you on the board, hope you are resting and sleeping well.  I know you have been ill and now worrying about family. You have to take care of yourself to care of them. Right now they just need to hear your voice or get a message to them that you are praying for their quick recovery.  If the virus is on the move there, follow the protocols as before.  Texas was way up there with it for a few weeks but has settled back down. This to shall pass and then we see what is next.



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Thanks Kris ....

Our numbers are still stupid .....the Government are reluctant to bring in any restrictions ...

Its every Man / Woman for themselves ...we still have a high percentage of folks not taking the vaccine .

I still wear a mask and sanitise....and keep a distance ...x

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I feel so bad for you. It must be hard to not be able to go out when you want, to see your family and friends. It does not bother me.  I am very good at being a hermit. The only people I want to see are my son, his wife and my grandson.  I think there will a big surge in Covid cases while we go through the holiday season. People think they are safe now that they are vaccinated. We know that is not true with the Delta variant. 

I can't understand people who will not get vaccinated.  I am sure they were vaccinated against polio, TB, measles, mumps, rubella, tetanus, when they were children.  Now that we are older most of us also have been vaccinated for the flu, pneumonia and shingles.These are things we should embrace.  Above all we are here on this board to quit smoking, it is hard, I wish there was a vaccine for this. There are drugs that say will help you, i tried many and they did not help.  


This is the place that has helped me








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@Kris Yes I agree with you, I don't understand people that

Don't want the vaccine. My cousin and aunt had there vaccines

and booster and still got it,but they didn't get as sick if they had not

gotten it. 

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We try to do the right thing. I am also vaccinated. I had the Moderna , two shots.  I think I am paranoid, I still wore the mask, practiced social distance and kept my going out limited.  Now we find we are not safe. protected.  We have to keep with the program. Many of us are older and have other medical conditions.  It falls to us now, just like guarding our quit we have to stay vigilant with this virus.  It is easy for me, i have no where I need to be.  I will not be with people during the holidays. For all of you please be careful out there. wear a mask, make sure the people you spend time with are vaccinated.  






















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