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Sometimes things must

crumble before you can

see the possibility of

something new  fan the flames of

transformation and allow

the old to burn a more

powerful you will emerge

from the ashes

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we need a bridge and sometimes

 we are the bridge  no one I know 

has escaped troubled waters

rough seas and challenging scary days

 these are the times in our lives

when we could use a little help

and other times when we are

given the chance to be that help

for someone else it really doesn't

matter where you are right now

what matters is that you remember

we are stronger together and taking

a hand is just as important as

offering one

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Try not to stress over the shady

people who betrayed you I know

it hurts but the truth is that

they were always shady they're

never  going to change and you're

actually much better off now

because at least you know who

they really are

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We have to keep going

Even when its scary even

When all our strength seems

gone we have to keep  picking

ourselves up and moving forward

because whatever we're battling 

in the moment it will pass and

we will make it through we've made

it this far we can make it through

whatever comes next


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If you planted hope today

in a heart that felt alone

if you caused a laugh that

chased some tears away

if someone's burden was

made lighter because of

your kindness then your

day was well spent

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Bill, Ben and Bob have been sharing an elk camp for 25 years. They all meet up during the summer and Bob breaks the news that his wife finally put her foot down and he will not be able to go elk hunting this year. After fielding countless insults and requests Bob says that there is nothing he can do.
The day before the opener Bill and Ben head up to set camp and are shocked to see Bob is already there. The wall tent is up and a bonfire is already burning. They jump out with a confused look on their face.
Bob says “ As the opener got closer I spent more and more time moping around the house. I guess she finally got the message. I was sitting in my chair watching tv last night and she sneaks up behind me and whispers in my ear to meet her in the bedroom in five minutes. When I go to make my way up the stairs I see there is a trail of rose petals leading up to the bedroom. I open the door and find the room filled with lit candles. There she was in a new get up from Victoria Secret with her wrists and ankles handcuffed to the bed posts. In her sexiest voice she said “Do anything you want”. So here I am!”

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Just another thought, Having one of those nights I can't sleep so I will be sick tomorrow with a migraine. Wish Linda was up with some soothing words of relaxation. I will just have to wait.  I wish (NOT) that I had enough strength to go buy smokes. Sorry for that one, just having a bad day/night that makes the craves creep up.  I really want that feeling to go away. I have been able to handle it well but the last few days have been hard.  Just stupid to think that something I did for 40 years would go away without any problems.  I will keep on with my quit because I do not have a choice. I think it would be easy if I was not alone in my head all the time. Just have to work thru it...



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