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Thought for the day


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To often we dont

understand the power

of a touch a smile

A kind word a listening ear

an honest compliment or

the smallest act of caring

all which have the potential

to turn life around

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One day you'll wake up and

all of the sudden the weight

of the last few weeks months

Or even years will be lifted off

your shoulders you can't control

when that day comes  all you can do 

is stay strong and trust that it is


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Music was my first love

and it will be my last

Music of the future and

Music of the past

to live without music

would be impossible to do

for in this world of troubles

my music pulls me through


Edited by Linda
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On this road called life

you have to take good

with the bad smile with

the sad love what you got

and remember what you had

always forgive  but never forget

learn from your mistakes but

never forget that people change

things go wrong but just remember

the ride goes on

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Just observe

its okay to look back

and see what went wrong

its okay to observe how

actions contributed to some

of your challenges  but don't

live there don't allow yourself

to wallow in regret and defeat

rise up forgive move on

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Sometimes you just got

to say the truth

Let the demon scream

**** you I will overcome

the pain you brought and

see you burn in hell for all 

people you have hurt


Sorry this may or not be a good thought for the day for all but for me today it is my thought for the day.



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She is holding on

but barely gripping

whatever she can to keep

it together for another day

she doesn't think about next

week or next month just today

that's what she tells herself

that's how she's gone this long

just keep it together today

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