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  1. Thank you so much everyone!! I AM indeed still smoke free today. It feels SO good to breathe. I'm sorry I don't get in here as much lately but I do try to check in at least every other week. Still could not have done this without all of you and your proof it can be done. Deb
  2. Yay Linda!! Congratulations on your first month as a non smoker!!!
  3. Hey Linda, Since we were smokers for SO very long, it seems that it will take a bit before we stop thinking about smoking, right? I have decided not to let those thoughts consume me. When they pop up, and they definitely do, I immediately redirect my thinking to another topic - any topic. Walk outside and take a few deep breaths, reorganize my cabinets, write a few cards to clients, friends and family, etc. It helps! You control what is inside your head Congrats on sticking with it!
  4. Welcome Lin! This is the place to be!! Get rid of any and all cigs you have around, throw out those ashtrays, welcome to being a non-smoker.
  5. Opah, I know you're currently on your hunting trip, but wanted you to know I'm thinking of you and sending good vibes to push thru any cravings related to old habits while you're out there. You've come so far, definitely too far to throw it all away. You definitely need to have your truck cleaned on the inside, professionally, get rid of that stench man! LOL Be safe!
  6. Congratulations quit brother!! You rock!
  7. Thank you all SO much! You are the best bunch. Even if I don't post on here all the time, I do try to stop in and do a quick drive by post every couple days. This group is hands down the ONLY reason I was able to make it to one month. Great news too - the hubby, who did not quit, has stopped lighting up during the week (he does use chewing tobacco, but that's fine with me, I could never do that! LOL), and will smoke outside on the weekends, when drinking. So at least he's getting a little healthier and making it a little easier for me to NOPE. He said he was really impressed that I
  8. Congratulations on 3 fabulous years Catlover!!
  9. Hello all! I'm still riding.
  10. Congratulations! You're rocking it!!
  11. Linda - you're nearly a month quit! Good for you!! Honestly it was just yesterday that I didn't wake up wanting that cigarette. The craving is still there every day, but I feel like they are getting a little easier to move past. I have just kept telling myself that I am no longer a smoker. That's it. No option to smoke because I'm a nonsmoker now. I had COPD, chronic asthma and bronchitis, but have only used my rescue inhaler a handful of times since I quit and that's after using it 3 or 4 times PER DAY, pre quit. Stay on the train - you can do it!
  12. Way to go Dogbelly! And now you're at 2 1/2 weeks!! We really were some silly (and stupid) smokers. How about being at a restaurant for dinner and stepping outside for a smoke between courses?? Horrible habit that my hubby and I both used to do. Ridiculous.
  13. All my friends and family have been very patient with me. They all said they would rather have me around non-smoking and bitchy than puffing and slowly killing myself You're doing great!! Hugs!
  14. Hi Holly! Welcome! 40 year smoker here and now on day 26 of my quit. You've got this - don't give in - not one puff ever!! That needs to be your mantra. Don't give in. You've come so far already. I'm sorry I didn't see that you were struggling several hours ago - are you ok? Did you get thru it? Super deep breaths help me get past them.
  15. Hi Steven! Great job so far. If I remember correctly day 4 is when it got just a tad bit easier to me. On day 22 now, feeling great!

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