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  1. ugh

    Sorry Oneistoo I just reread your comment. My mind has been everywhere past couple days. I will try to cut some off tomorrow and see if that helps a little. If this is how its going to be every time I change a patch I'd almost rather take a couple of days to withdraw and screw the patch

    Jen...The patches made me shaky/jittery, it did wear off though.  I think the nicotine going directly into your bloodstream allows it to build up a little bit.  I like the idea of cutting the patches a bit.

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  2. You will get through this Marti, I know you will.  As smokers, we had a crutch, an excuse to ignore things.  When did smoking ever make those problems go away, though?  Quitting smoking forces us to face our problems without leaning on those nasty sticks.  This makes us stronger and helps us to evolve into who we are as non-smokers.  Keep posting to your blog Marti, it's a healthy expression of your feelings, even cathartic.  You are doing awesome, before you know it you'll be a year quit :)  

  3. Amy,

    The only reason you are still hanging around here is because you want to quit.  Bite the bullet, think of how good you are going to feel once you establish yourself as a non-smoker.  Go for it, Amy!  We are in your corner and will be here for you with every twist and turn :)

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