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2 1/2 months have passed




Well I just wanted to browse and see how everyone is doing. It looks like the quit train is doing well.

There are lots of new members. I gave up my quit in April and I have not tried to quit again.

Being here though - reading all the posts makes me wonder if I should try again. I am not afraid to try to quit again I think the stressful part is I am setting myself up for failure because I don't believe I am going to do it. I am lying to myself and I don't want to tell anybody I am quitting because I have been there and done that and when people see me smoking they are like I though you quit? I just let everybody down including myself.


Can I do this? Do I have the courage and the strength? Determination?


I don't know.

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I know all the answers to your questions.  Yes to all 3!  Who cares how many attempts you've made at quitting?  You know how many times I told my wife I was going to quit and she just rolled her eyes and said "didn't you just say that yesterday?"  Then I would come up withe some excuse.  I quit for me.  I didn't give a damn what anybody thought about my success or failure.


Screw everybody else.  This is about you.  Please stop messing around with your life and quit.  Look, this may be hard for you to quit or it might not.  Right now your mind is your own worst enemy.  Your inner junkie, strung out on nicotine, is telling you that you're going to fail, that you don't have the strength and the truth is that it's telling you that you don't want to quit.  You're believing the lies.  Smoking is of no benefit to you!  All you're doing is chasing temporary relief from withdrawal and torturing yourself, not to mention slowly killing yourself. 


This is what it's come down to.  It's time to quit smoking and stop listening to the lies in your head. 


Look at your quit buddy, IamDoingIt.  He posted a great thread the other day about his relapse and his newfound commitment to quitting.

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Buddy - I am SOOOO bloody excited to see this post!!


I am absolutely, utterly willing you on from here.


Let's see, can you quit - yes. Will it hurt - no. Will it feel tough at time -yes, but that's life mate, if it wasn't smoking it could be work or family etc. 


Shhhh, but I didn't know this quit was "the one"  BUT, I did know one of them had to be as quitting was getting to be a habit and I was too ashamed to tell anyone I was trying again! I was plain furious when someone saw my champix as I had tried to hide it for fear of failing and looking like a failure.  (note, the only person who ever matters is you, be responsible for you and you alone!!).


Everything to gain and nothing really to lose??


Either way, keep reading and lurking. Can't smoke forever, it's too grim for you. Constant craves all day every day get exhausting eventually, quitting is easier then that for sure! A bad day is just a bad day, a normal smoking dayis 20+ craves!!  Don't have to be einstein to work out what would be easier longer term!!


Loves!! xx

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I agree with mq 100 percent amy   now is the best time to quit  who care what others think your the one that matters you can do this   please don't wait  life is to short   so hang in there   jump in the water is fine  swmoking is a life or death thing  smoking = death  quitting = life     we are here to support you amy    set that date and quit 

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So good to hear from you Amy!  I completely understand what you are saying and I have even experienced those feelings and thoughts myself.  The truth is though, that you don't have the option any longer of  not thinking about what smoking is doing to you.  You have too much information now.  You know there is a forum in which to get support.  You know that while it may not have been the best feeling as the nicotine left your system , it wasn't as bad as you've imagined it would be either.  So the question is not if you'll quit , but when?  To me since you're going to quit anyway you might as well do it now.  It's too late to go back to the cocoon, you're a butterfly!  xoxo

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Amy fantastic to see this post, it shows you are still here still wanting to quit, but the damn addiction has taken that hold again, shake it free Amy hunny, you know it doesn't hurt, its just the fear of being without nicotine, but you can survive without it, and you know that you can, you need to close your eyes and let go we are all here ready to catch you, the longer you keep smoking the harder it will be to loosen the grip of the addiction, make a decision Amy my lovely and come back and join us xxx

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Amy you can do it, seriously you can....just trust what all of us, who have done, are saying to you.


So glad you're around again xx

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you just need to be smart Amy, when you figure it out there is a seat right by me with your name on it!


I can wait but can you? can your health?


Im very pleased you stuck around (see I know you are smart) xx

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It's really (really) great to see you Amy.


My one piece of advice for you today is - it's better to try and have a chance of failing, than it is to not try at all - you can't win the lottery of you don't buy a ticket...


Give yourself that chance, and we will do everything in our power to help you get to where you want to be; a nonsmoker :)

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The only reason you are still hanging around here is because you want to quit.  Bite the bullet, think of how good you are going to feel once you establish yourself as a non-smoker.  Go for it, Amy!  We are in your corner and will be here for you with every twist and turn :)

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Failure is to stop trying.


Success is to keep trying.


You are here because you want to quit, you absolutely can do it. We will all do everything in our power to help and cheer you along.


Go for it!

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amy...please...never quit quitting...not only does your life depend on it.....but so does your quality of life.  Stop dying...and start living! 

Stay with us!!!

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