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A cat, tea and a bike




As I approach 2 months smoke free it´s time to stop and think. It´s amazing how my life has changed in only 2 months. I think 2 months is so little time. A baby is just an inch long. In 2 months! Nevertheless my life has made a happy twist and turn in so little time. I´m healthier than ever. I realized something: if I was able to quit smoking I can do anything. I´m unstoppable. That gave me the strenght to keep going with an exercise plan and bike at least half an hour a day. That gave me the confidence to rescue a tiny kitten. I was totally afraid of cats and had been all my life. But when I knew that little (ginger Colleen ;)) furry buddy didn´t had a home I couldn´t resist. Because if I could stop smoking I could lose my fear of cats. And so I took him in my arms and proved once again that I´m unstoppable. Sir Garfield is the cutest, most funny and lovely friend I could´ve asked for.

If I could stop smoking I might well can stop drinking that much coffee. I´ve been willing to add some green tea to my day and so I did. Because quitting has been totally empowering.

I´m incredibly thankful for this community. Everyday I look forward to wake up, see who´s celebrating that day and feel very happy for them. I look forward every morning to write my NOPE and really mean it. Thank to all of you guys!


For the ones that still haven´t met Sir Garfield:



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I am so proud of you Natalie !  


Proud of you for facing fears ...Triumphantly !




Quitting smoking is the greatest gift.


I am so happy for you !


Love, S

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It's amazing how much confidence is gained when quitting smoking.  As smokers, we feared the opposite.  Crazy, right?


Way to Go...so very happy for you.  You are free and unstoppable! 

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Congrats Natalie! Your story successes and conquering the fears is an inspiration! So happy for you and this site!! <3

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