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Days 1 to 3




Day 1: "Am I really doing this?" Yep. So I posted my first NOPE pledge. I felt awful. My body was yelling "Nat! A cigarette!!! Now!" NOPE. Guys here were awesome. All day long they kept supporting me, answering my questions, keeping me busy. I felt exhausted. Oh by the way! I was wearing the nicotine patch. I thought I couldn´t do it without "some help". I was right. But the help I needed was not a patch. But all the people here cheering me up.

At night something happened. I needed my night cigarette. I started panicking. So I posted an S.O.S on the board. I waited for a while. Panic just kept increasing. Until Tiffany came in. She helped me go through it. Until, amazingly, I fell asleep. Thanks Tiff!


Day 2: "Why do I feel even worse than yesterday?" I was totally brain fogged. Awful headache. Out of reality (surreal feeling, said one of the girls here). Dizzy. Thirsty. Amazingly thirsty. I was in Quit Train all day long. It was a rainy day and even if I could´ve went out, the weather made it impossible. I kept meeting amazing people. "If you´re going to do this, let´s do it quick, like ripping a bandaid Nat" so I took the patch of. Hm...there was actually no difference at all.


Day 3: "Really? I made it to day 3?" The ticker said I did. (Thanks to our official ticker expert! and I had a good time making mistakes with it LOL). People were asking about me. Wow! DD actually started a thread to see how I was doing, This was unbelievable for me. I had some personal conversations that kept showing me that people at this place is just awesome. Each one of you has showed me a different aspect of quitting. You guys made me think and laugh and...just wow and thanks. I started reading the famous Allen Carr´s book. I still don´t have an opinion. I have lots of fun playing chicks or sticks (Guys: come one! We win every time!). I still feel dizzy and brain fogged and tired. The cravings were maybe worse than the first day. But I know one thing for sure: NOPE

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See, you are already doing better than me, I don't understand the chicks and sticks game =/


For real though, great great job!  Smokers and never smokers don't quite understand how this process works, but us ex smokers know it every step of the way.  It was so helpful for me to have a group of people (and Allen Carr) that have walked this same walk.  Isolation is not good in times like these.


I am proud of you for staying on top of it and making positive changes.  They can be tough at first to make, but it's so important. 

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Excellent blog post. You have got this just remember that it is only going to get easier and you only have to go through this crap once! I will say this you need to remember the bad times during it, keep it in your mind, and I tell this this because if or when you have a moment you need to REMIND yourself how bad it was and that you never want to go through it again. :D 

You are making me super proud! 

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You are making a great change in your life and we want nothing more than to see you succeed. You have to do the work but we'll walk with you. We hate smoking and love to watch someone get freedom.

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It´s fun, you should try it Ava :P (chicks or sticks)

It´s really great going through this with all of you, I´m even having fun when I thought this were going to be the worse days or my life. I

It moves me that you say I make you proud DD. 


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