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  1. Best variety entered rarely loses KNOLT
  2. Found some new tools I've been here a while now . I'm so impressed with this site and all the tools available to help quit smoking , to engage in friendship and even excersise . Today for the first time I checked out the blogs . Thanks Jillar for posting those , it will be on my reading everyday . You can never have enough information on quitting and others testimony was a huge part of my quit . I was so grateful to those willing to share their experience because it helped mine . It really did help my quit to know especially what my elders went through , how they coped , and how they overcame . From blogs to discussions , the lounge to educational videos and links , rewards and friendships , this place is maaaavelous . No excuses here not to reach out or find something that's comfortable for us to engage in or just read . It's too good to be true . I'm sure this place has seen a lot of winners in its days , and will have many more to come . I love that is open world wide . Thanks to its creators and the thought put into it .
  3. The smoke is affecting the walks here . We are sitting a top high risk ten out of ten . It's nasty in house and out but I did do the stationary bike yesterday . I've been under the weather all week and my legs felt weak as well .. the saying you don't use it you lose it is true lol . Keep up excersising everyone . I'll be riding today as well. One hour . Where I'm going I have no idea but I'm pedalling .
  4. Abby

    Mind games

    Love this post.
  5. Funny I don't remember exactly the first time , but I remember at the grocery store where I always bought my groceries . The last thing before paying was getting my cigs . I do remember a day when the grocery clerk asked if I wanted my usual brand ( she was a smoker too ) and I said no thanks , I quit ... but that time was different , she heard it before but this time I said it with pride as I remember it was well into my quit and I felt confident and proud . I guess she wondered why I wasn't asking for them anymore and could tell I was a different person . There are many firsts . I loved it when my finger nails were no longer yellow and I could get a manicure
  6. Again new here maybe there is just one big SoS ... maybe the moderators can tell us how this works or me lol sometimes I am slow catching on to things now . @jillar
  7. @KrisYou've had lots on your plate but you got through some of those things . You are a strong person . I can't relate to all , but I know the worry . If it helps remember these are covid times , lots of restrictions entering and re entering into the country for good reason . Testing too I believe , then awaiting results etc . Hopefully they will be in touch with you soon and you'll be filled in to their experience . My children just returned as well and found with covid it got a bit confusing w testing etc as well a last minute hurricane caused issues trying to find out if they could get info on that , cancel etc ..but your kids have been raised well , you are a good mom , trust they will figure it out if need be and they will call when able . Good idea to call this morning . Remember Many things are not in our control and many things we worry about don't come true . You are also smart in recognizing that because you smoked forty years it will take time for this need to smoke to resolve your problems is a want addiction wants and it will pass and all you have to do is keeping working the program and get through . It will get easier , I promise you . Sometimes when we are frustrated we say things we don't mean . I hope that's the case on thinking you would want to end the misery by heart attack . Think of your families worry should that happen to someone they love . You are as precious to them as them to you. As katgirl says no harm talking to someone if you need to . Good job posting . I recommend if you are struggling with your quit and wanting to smoke put out a new SoS in a new thread so we know it's you and as you are doing here talk your way through . It will be looked at quicker I think in a new thread by me for one and I promise I won't get you confused then with Kate18. Has anyone heard from her . I was wondering how she is doing as well . Has she been on line ? I will watch for her l I hope she is ok . @Kris I am retired as well . Many here are . I think we've all had our plates full of one thing or other . We are all unique . It's life . Life has ups and downs . Smoking won't help .. it's not a solution . Hang in there , keep your precious quit and life . Learn to cope without them and you will as your quit grows .. be patient . Let us know when you've heard from the family . Walking with you .. you aren't alone . Try to take some deep breaths .. breathe in relaxation and slowly exhale the anxiety until it is manageable .. repeat inhale , exhale the anxiety .. lower the number until it's gone or managable .
  8. Ten plus years has passed for me and I've begun to forget tbh the irrational behaviours . I focus more on today which is a life free of all those ties . Reminders though of how far we've come are good time to time . I read through though this thread and was instantly reminded of smoking in the hospital especially right after surgery . I'd had hip replacement and no sooner awake from anesthetic wanted my fix . Determined , I got one of the nurses to take me out in the wheelchair and within a couple puffs thought I'd pass out . A complete stranger escorted me back to my floor , which I didn't even know what floor I was on due to the anesthetic still not worn off . Not long after though I wanted to go again . This time the nurse stayed and brought me back . How pathetic was I . I always joked that smokers healed faster cause we needed our fix . Other times in the hospital I would give money to strangers to buy a pack and even pay a cab to bring me some to the hospital if I was anywhere close to getting low . Did that on stormy winter nights too . Pd triple plus tip . I lit cigs on the stove when I couldn't find a lighter or would walk to a neighbors who smoked to borrow an extra lighter . My gosh the anxiety not having a lighter or a match . I don't miss that . I was always double checking when I left home wondering if I left a lit cig in the ashtray and go douse them in water for safety . Gross . Having lived through a fire it was always on my mind so needed to double check every time I left home . Glad I don't need to do that anymore . Oh the crazy behaviours ! All stress causing behaviours ! Smoking causes tremendous stress ! It's nice to be free .
  9. Who hoo beginning of a new week . I like it . It is nope for me . Another day , another 10.00 in my pocket .
  10. Three months .. be so very proud of yourself today . 3 months Dianne ! One day has led you this far , let it lead you the rest of the way . A super special day to you .
  11. I'll pledge . Enough smoke outside . If you can imagine that in your lungs like I am in mine this morning and all those with copd or lung related issues you will have no trouble saying nope , yet many times I did it anyway . Not no more . I don't do that anymore and grateful for it and even happier to pledge with my friends here .
  12. She spoke to more than 50,000 students --her very last days were on cigarette packages both in Canada and the United States . Not sure that that type of packaging still exists as I don't buy cigarettes anymore . She spoke to kids up to two weeks before she past . Her story and her courage lives on .
  13. A little to late I agree , but saving two people instead of one through awareness is still better than none . Exposing the truth to my grandchildren speaks volumes to other young kids wanting to experiment . Its no harm done . Awareness matters . Thanks for your concern and compliment . Anyone remember here Barb Tarbox . Its worth a watch . @Katgirl I could never do what this lady did , she helped many . Like you said all I can do is help myself , show areas where awareness can help others as I journey through my own quit and in turn that helps my kids and grandkids and hopefully others . I dont know how Barb Tarbox found the strength but she had a passion I think .
  14. Look at you go .. another month gone . Your not fooling around with this I see . Congratulations Gus ... it's well deserved . I'm looking forward to #5 then six .
  15. Holy Smokes ! Its smokey out ! High risk 7/10 at the moment but in three hours will are going up to 9/10 risk . It is so smokey I can smell it in the house now. ( we have 300 plus fires burning at the moment in our neighbouring province as well getting a drift of smoke from the states . We are getting the second hand smoke . My clothes smell of smoke just after taking the dog for a two block walk . Reminds me of the smelly hair , fingers and clothes when I was a smoker . My asthma is flaring , I'm already coughing , my chest is burning , I'm getting a head ache . Smoking did that to me too but I ignored it . My inhaler is handy and I am going to have to use it ! Now! We didn't complain about inhaling smoke from forty cigs a day yet this, and we notice how it takes our breath away and it's not good for us . We didn't care about cigarettes second hand smoke or putting others at risk . The nicotene in cigarettes we worried about but what about all that tar we didn't see as being a problem .tar , like tar they put on the roads .. Blackened lungs , sooty windpipes . Yuk . Glad I don't smoke and glad when the fires are under control and we have some air that's breathable again . Update 11.22 a.m. Air quality 8 .
  16. Thanks for the clarification Kris and glad you are doing better now . Working your way through is good l I used to do that as well . I'm still getting to know people here so this helped . I think I have you confused with someone else then , so it's appreciated you replied . I went back to the beginning .. it was @Kate18 who said she lives reclusively and has no friends . This is where I got mixed up as Kate initially started the post . @Kate18 How are you doing now ? I hope you are feeling better too .
  17. All these companies that are highly addictive like gambling establishments Big Tobacco , alcohol etc . Ya and cannabis yes just legalized here . I ask .. who do these companies all donate money to ? Drs ? No , they've gone bigger . Why ? Do the research . Do you know what other companies Big T owns ? I am so glad I quit smoking , don't drink , don't gamble . I'm tired of throwing my money into " further the addiction pool " . We can't rely on anyone , especially I think our governments to make this go away . They've been sucked in just as we have all been all these years . Money donated is money in the pocket ten fold . Awareness and education widespread is key and it needs to begin in schools with the very very young. I was amazed but not surprised at what I've learned and continue to learn but for me it can't stop there .
  18. @KrisYou won't be more relaxed . That's a lie . It will cause you more anxiety , more frustration , more having to fix the cravings by fixing the cravings and being anxious when you run out , anxious you have to go out, sad because you smoked , sad because the cigarette came first and you lost a quit . The way out of this is through these thoughts and feelings. If you are agarophohic there is treatment . If you can't leave your house and it's your choice to stay in or prefer to stay in your house can you take up a new hobby ? Buy a uke maybe , or learn an instrument you like on line . Take a painting class , or writing class . A Ukelele is relatively cheap . It will keep your mind busy and hands busy on something besides smoking as you learn . There are so many things on line you can learn . Do something to entertain your thoughts that is creative , fun , and challenging for you. Something else more productive than smoking because smoking gets you nothing and learning is more fun . Smoking doesn't relax you it causes just the opposite because once you start again you have to feed it . Take some deep breaths , exhale the thoughts , do something different . Don't dwell on those thoughts or become obsessed by them ... you can turn them off . Change the habit. Thought pops up then grab your new hobby . Good habit vs bad one . One that's healthy . I almost passed this post thinking it was an old post . Glad I looked in . Change the things you can . One month is awesome . Really awesome . They are the hardest fought days . It gets easier , l promise you . Don't give smoking a way back in to your life . You can do that . I do encourage walking. You will love it . Life is short , don't let it pass you by . You don't have to see anyone but see the beauty of nature and smell the fresh air . It will make you smile . Those smoking wrinkle lines will be smile lines in no time . See it's beauty outside before you see a hospital room from smoking . It's so gorgeous outside on walks , a masterpiece every day . I don't know your history , so if something helps , use it , if not clarify wha my error of understanding is so I / we can understand and know you better . I want to be as supportive on your journey as I can be and to help all my fellow quitters through . I know you want this and so happy to see you posting when you are having a difficult time . That's awesome ! Be proud of you . You are doing this . Sorry if I'm confused . Kris you are struggling ? Katie you are ok now ? Both ok ? Lol ?
  19. I have both vaccines but as mentioned unsure due to lack of testing ( tho underway ) on the immunocompromised as to whether the vaccine protects as much as others will be protected or not . Wearing a mask here now is optional . I abide by the rules . Every business handles it differently . Some require masks still while others not . Many are afraid to go without them , I am not , but will wear one to protect others . My concern is now for those under 12 . We have to protect these children . People who don't vaccinate have had plenty of time to think about this , it's the children now I worry about and want to protect . They sacrificed for us . The price of groceries and other things is going up . I watch for sales and buy extra now but not because I'm afraid of covid but because the cost of living will be on the rise as people try to recover their losses . We are in the middle of a drought now as well , which will not help this situation . It's been a rough couple of years to say the least , but if we work together we can get through .
  20. Nope not tomorrow when it gets here lol . When tomorrow comes I won't smoke today . Promise . Its here lol . No smoking today ..... nope .
  21. @Opah , that was great. Thanks for posting that .
  22. No one is excempt from this kind of dialogue , it's why quits are lost or given away . I tell my quit like it is so their are no surprises for newcomers . My quit is strong . It's not going anywhere unless I give it a way . I want people to know they can pinpoint addict thinking and trouble before it happens . We can choose to smoke or not . Smoking takes a plan and action . Smoking can be a want or a need or be caused by a trigger that messages old tapes . How we think and act is key to failure or success . You don't have to be a positive thinker that is a term I hated in the beginning because im far from positive but you need to be aware that your emotions and attitude can be a huge factor in your success or failure to keep quit Day to day . Addiction knows you best and can cast a hook in vulnerable times if you aren't able or are unwilling to face the truth . Smoking carved deep pathways and craters in our minds that kept us stuck in addiction . Change in that thinking takes time , even years to undo . Recognize it , change it , act upon it accordingly to save yourself from having to repeat Quits over and over . I indeed smelled smoke yesterday . It prompted this post to hopefully help others . I noticed during lunch yesterday my friend had his package of cigs in his shirt pocket . Funny how they make those 20 packs fit perfectly in the pocket. My dad also kept his pk in his pocket , but back then it was 25s and the shirt pockets were bigger . Big T smarts ., I indeed smelled and saw smoke yesterday for real . It prompted this post and a reminder how old tapes can be so easily triggered . My friend has never smoked in front of me and knows I quit years ago . Now that's a kind and respectful friend He is . I could tell though that he is smoking more .. pethe anxiousness not to visit after lunch was a tell all . To get to home fast or somewhere where he could have the after dinner smoke was obvious to me ( being one who used to do the same .) Those were my old tapes . I was dancing with memories and so grateful I don't smoke anymore . Stay quit .. any thought of smoking is addiction wanting you back . Don't bite .
  23. Yesterday I romanced the thought of smoking . I thought of the present day ( a tough one ) friends passing , seeing another great friend ( another musician friend ) for lunch who sat often in my living room playing his guitar and I singing but he can no longer play music due to Parkinsons . I thought of all the current circumstances in my life , no bed of roses and I smelled smoke ! I even saw cigarettes . I started romancing , seeing a plan , thinking just one wouldn't hurt , quitting was easy and I started to flirt . Funny how that is isn't it . In order to end your relationship with smoking you have to recognize that anything that says in your head to smoke when you are quit is romancing . It is playing with fire and it's addictive behaviour . It's old tapes playing the ol song and dance . Dance with me "Come to me, come to me , I will give you rest . I will give you , I will give you , The very best . Take away your hurt , take away your pain For old times sake . Just one puff Dance With your good old flame . " "Come take my hand , come draw me close Just one puff , maybe two at most Our little secret , no need to boast ." Dance With your good old flame " Abby ------------------------------------------------------ Dont accept the invitation , Keep your quit , Be on your toes . It's easy to get caught up thinking a cigarette is the lesser of evil and see smoking as being the hero. Recognize it for what it is when you are romancing , discern it from addict thinking . At first it will be sneaky then as your quit grows it will be quite obvious and you'll easily be able to dismiss it . Addiction hates rejection . Do what you would do with any bad relationship .... Let it go .
  24. Pledging , promising , committed today to nope .

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