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  1. Today is my first actual pledge on this board and it is mid afternoon but I am going to commit to NOPE!!!! Wendy
  2. Congrats on 2 weeks Nat!!!! :D
  3. Hi everybody!!! Has it been 3 weeks already? I haven't been keeping track of the exact days I just know that I quit on the 26th of last month!!! I haven't posted a lot in here but I do try to come in and read posts at least 5 days a week. Thank you for all the congrats!!!!! I really do appreciate it it means a lot to me. I am so happy that I have made it 3 weeks. It is getting easier now I don't seem to have as many craves. I have taken a couple of puffs off of the e-cig just to be sure I never put another cigarette in my mouth again. I have noticed that I do go hours now without th
  4. Hello everybody!!!!! Thank you for all the notes on my making 2 weeks!!!!! Yeah I did it!!! I am sorry I haven't been online lately but I have been busy enjoying the last of summer. Hubby and I have been taking rides on the Harley and we have been fishing. I guess I shouldn't say fishing its more like drowning worms lol!!! I feel fabulous and totally love being smoke free it is great!! Hubby is still smoking but I am keeping true and not doing it. I just cant because it will defeat everything I have accomplished. I know someday he will be ready to put them down for good but until
  5. @ Chrispy wont hate on ya for being a cowboy's fan .... yet lol I despise the 9ers waaaaaaayyyyy more lol Bring on football Yeah the Seahawks play in about 1/2 hour and I am gonna be all over that game woo hoo!!!!! @ Sazerac YOU are the reason my name got changed to blondie!!!!! I literally couldn't think of a good name to change too and I noticed you calling me blondie so I thought hey that works. I am blond after all!!!! And thank you today I am 1 week and 2 days smoke free and Yep life is GRAND!!!! @ everyone else "HI HOW ARE YOU ALL DOING THIS FINE DAY??? Hope all
  6. Blondie

    Sad evening

    So very sorry for your loss ((((Nancy))))
  7. Chrispy we'll see about one and done... isn't gonna happen that way :D and thank you. Btw tell me youre not a Santa Clara fan... that would be bad :rolleyes:
  8. Thank you so much everybody!!!!! I had my first smoking dream last night and I was so mad cuz I thought I blew it but I didn't !!!!! It was super scary! My legs action feel pretty good actually better than I thought they would. How do I change my name? thanks again everybody I feel amazing!!!!! Wendy
  9. Take it head on Jackie you are doing fabulous!!!! Doreen.... Why do you have smoke on your face??? :P
  10. Hello everybody!!! Well tonight I just wanted to pop in and update you all on everything!! Hubby and I went for our first bike ride this afternoon and it was .... a challenge!!! Sure does make you realize what a couch potato I am and also that I am not a kid anymore. But aside from that it was really good to go out and do something that is healthy and fun. Chrysalis it is gonna be a looooooooong time before I go on a 50 mile cross country anything lol!!! I had burning legs muscles that I forgot I had and I had to go and buy a bigger seat cuz my butt is not that small and I want cush
  11. I almost smoked yesterday... but I didn't. Was in the car with hubby ( who still smokes) anyway he stopped at a smoke shop and bought a pack. we was headed to walmart anyway I was thinking just one wont hurt. YES IT WILL. I thought about it and then I realized and told my self if I smoke that cigarette then I will have destroyed every single minute of this quit I have going on. I know it is not quite 5 days but I have worked very hard at keeping this quit strong. I refuse to let 1 stinky cigarette screw it all up for me. I just opened the car window and let the wind blow in my face a
  12. Good morning everyone!!!! What a beautiful one it is !!! Im sorry I never posted yesterday but I was pretty busy. lots of chores around the house. Also went to walmart and bought 2 bikes for myself and hubby. Shocker we are gonna start riding bikes for exercise... wow!!!! Thank you everyone for responding to my sos and I am happy to say that I did not smoke and haven't smoked. Everything is good and I feel great!! gonna go grab a cup of coffee and then I need to mop my floors so I will catch everybody later!!!! Hugs Wendy xoxo
  13. OMFG now I am really mad I just spent like a half an hour writing a vent and when I went to post it my computer took its time and when the page changed instead of posting it it said the page couldn't be displayed and when I pressed the back button my whole post was gone AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Not gonna rewrite everything just suffice it to say that I wanted a smoke argued with hubby miss hubby never see him more than an hour or two if I am lucky hubby stormed off to bed I cried and came here. still haven't smoked and had no nicotine either pu
  14. Maryland Quitter thank you for fixing my ticker I can never figure out what I am doing wrong lol !! Go Hawks ;) Action thank you for not calling me Mike he he, I remember that and it was funny!!! Sharon yes I took a puff off of hubbys cigarette a while back and it was the most awful taste. I truly wonder sometimes how I could force myself to smoke and like the taste. Wow I mean like Really?!? now even just the smell turns my stomach. Well thank you soooo much everybody for making me feel welcome. I truly mean that. Last night I had a few cravings. I breathed through them a

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