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International Pot Luck


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So this Friday we are having an International Community lunch at work. Basically bring a plate from your cultural background.... I just can't decide...wot do I bring.

So my names on the savoury list or I would have just done pavs.... I was going to make sausage rolls but one of the other Aussies has said they are doing that.

Now the brief is bring something from you cultural background... for me that's Aussie... but if you go back far enough it's mainly Irish, then chuck in some Scott, German, Norwegian, and French... I'm a full bitsa (bits of this, bits of that).

Options rattling around my brain are... pumpkin soup with some home made soda bread, kangaroo and beetroot capaccio (probably too fancy for thus mob), apricot chicken (for that nod to my bogan ancestry), curried egg and lettuce sandwiches, shepherds pie, rissoles in gravy with mash or lamb stew.

I'll get pics cos we are expecting food from China, Poland, Vietnam, Philippines, Serbia, Malaysia, Croatia, Cambodia, Turkey, India, Burma, Pakistan, Malta, Spain, Greece, Italy, England, Scotland and of course Aussie. One of the warehouse kids is bringing Vegemite sandwiches and for a fancy option Vegemite and cheese sandwiches too.


WOT would you bring??

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Grits from the south western US......I'll mail you some, send me your address and you can tell them it as from me 😄 ........Must admit though, I would like the sausage rolls or........ Shepherds pie, meat and potatoes are my favorite. 

Look forward to the pictures and what was your favorite dish.

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Fried okra.


I know we had this debate on another thread and I was voted down by a resounding margin.  However, I'm stubborn and refuse to concede defeat.


Other options would be: fried chicken, buttermilk biscuits, beans and greens, banana pudding, and some genuine sweet tea.

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