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  1. Feeling super foggy headed and tired. But ok, thanks. At work on my break. I never smoked at work so not an issue. Last night was tough and I’m guessing tonight may be. Once I’m off work in 5 and a half hrs I may have a bit of a time but will overcome it! I have to be done. I think I’m ok so far and sure appreciate the help!! I may take y’all up on it later.
  2. Incessant navel gazers
  3. Obviously not smoking
  4. Great way to eat. I’ve been a fan of Forks over Knives and Rip (his dad’s a dr in the film, and author). Best thing I’ve done is cut out animal products. Ok, I do occasionally have Lactaid milk and cottage cheese and butter. These have been tough to totally eliminate but I’m getting there! They’re rare. My main hurdle is it takes more time to prepare and tough with my work schedule. I need to plan ahead better. My favorite food is now a lentil dish I make. I’ve eaten this way close to 4 years. I’d like to say I’ve noticed huge improvements but have been, until today, smoking. My blood pressure did lower a bit. My digestion seems excellent. Haven’t had blood work to see the changes there. I expect I’ll notice more benefits before long, now that I’m not smoking.
  5. Hi, new here. Glad to have found the site. I’m home today from work and didn’t have a plan to stop smoking until this morning. I’m tired of wheezing and stinking, and have been thinking of stopping for months. What pushed me toward a decision this morning is I ran out of cigs and don’t feel well to go out to buy more. So I figured now’s the time! A part of me doesn’t want to stop - I have to be honest. Yet I know I must. I’ve stopped before for many years but it didn’t last. This is it. I have to be done. I’m always exhausted, have a very stressful job, and don’t exercise much since starting to smoke again a few years ago. I’m headed for a heart attack, stroke, COPD, etc., if I don't wise up now. Thanks.

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