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  1. Due to some health issues I'm taking it slow! I did some strength building last night. Today I'm gonna do some gentle yoga....
  2. Tuesday, August 6: Sunrise Yoga Yoga for sensitive knees Today...we'll see
  3. Thanks...I think getting through this first venture out of the house is very important....I'm almost to the top of a hill and its super hard but once I crest it I'll feel victorious and it will help beef up my quit whenever I have a challenging situation
  4. Dear No Nic, So you're sitting here planning to buy a pack when you go out to the store this morning with Joni. You have such a baby quit. You're only on day 2 so its normal to have cravings but you KNOW that smoking is not the answer to anything. It will give you nothing but a new quit date. Remember all the times in your life that you've tried to smoke "Just One"? Where did it get you each and every time? To buying a pack, then another, then another. You can't have "Just One". You never have. When you go to the store this morning, and come home still a successful nonsmoker, you'll feel SOOOO victorious. You'll feel like a nonsmoking BEASTESS. You can do this. You can. Please, please don't smoke. Buy sugar free gum and candy and some little coffee stirrer straw things to "smoke" instead. Buy treats, not cigs!! I love you. Chick
  5. Thank you to all of you....today is day 2, such a baby quit! I like the idea of the air cigarette. It reminded me of a previous quit where I used a small coffee stirrer/straw, the ones that come in different colors, and "smoked" that. It became part of the whole ritual to pick the color straw for the day instead of opening the pack and picking which cig to take out. Thank you for that reminder. I'll use both your air cig and some straws, deep breathe, make some ice water....one of my stops today is to get some gum and hard candies so thats good.
  6. Congratulations Doreen....you are an inspiration. I want to be you when I grow up! Thank you for being here!
  7. Monster cravings and the thought that I *could* buy a pack when I go out later...thats how my relapses start, with that insidious thought, and it grows and grows until I can't stand it anymore so I thought I"d better start asking for help right away instead of waiting. So far this quit that started Sunday evening, I've stayed in the safe smoke free oasis of my home. This mix of "I want to" and "I don't want to" is maddening. I'm leaving around 11:30 this morning and need to solidify my quit. I know the reasons not to smoke but I need to hear them anyway. And, go!
  8. Thanks...its crazy that I am craving despite wearing a patch. The cravings are nowhere near as strong but they are still there. I'm not giving up though
  9. Not sure yet but it will be yummy!
  10. I like the way you think!!!!
  11. Slowly waking up and breathing through cravings! NOPE

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