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  1. I want a cigarette today, all day long. It is bad today. I don't know why. However, I am sticking with my dum-dums, JAC, Joel, and NTAP pledge to myself. I just needed to 'say' it out loud.
  2. Hi Tony, I am new to this too. The first few days are going to suck, no lie. But you can do it! I was waking up every hour or so .. I use dum-dum suckers in place of smokes for the oral fixation part, also - Jillar's air cigarette certainly does work wonders! Power thru this and you will not feel like crap anymore when you wake up in the morning. I stay close to this forum, it is a wonderful support tool. The people here are priceless. And Joel's videos are worth millions.
  3. WOW It's awesome!! the most perfect ice cream truck I have seen!
  4. lol we are definitely kindred spirits, 'The Jills" lol! and I like you so much too! How could I not? You gave me the JAC, baby!
  5. Hi! I am Jill. I am new. Glad you are here, never quit quitting! You can get this done! Congrats on the job
  6. rut-roh! No wonder I have been feeling epic!
  7. Those vases were actually at my wedding in October 2014 in Sevierville, TN. Sorry, couldn't help myself! Y'all know I love to post a pic, lol
  8. Today I bought some baby's breath to put in my Halloween (yes, already! lol) vases. I normally wouldn't decorate because my bipolar makes me lazy and blah, but the past couple of days have put a pep in my step . . . And I have been actually lighting my candles instead of hoarding them. Today I am burning Pumpkin Peanut Brittle. I am most positive my nose appreciates nice smells more now. So I suppose these are rewards for myself, it sure feels like it anyway! Plus, when I reached in my wallet to pay for the baby's breath, there was extra $$ in there from not buying smokes!
  9. They definitely have lots more non-weird (lol) stuff that's worth checking out. But I dig those songs you mentioned too!
  10. oh, most importantly - I am listening to music too! my saving grace, the thing that keeps me sane thru this (and the rest of my life!) I grew up a 90's teen. Right now I am listening to the band Filter if anyone is familiar. Anyway! I am sad because my salad is almost gone. Thankfully there's that yogurt you 'flip' in there and a big ol' fruit tray lol
  11. lol, once you get going, you can't stop! Thanks

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