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  1. Made it through the shift. Relaxing at home. Didn’t smoke! Thanks you guys! @jillar @Lust4Life
  2. Starting my lunch. So. Can’t speak to the health of any choices but hoping I’ll feel better in a few. Unfortunately my shift partner is the kind who’d prefer if I smoke tonight. Can’t blame him. I’m a wreck driving around, gripping the steering wheel so hard it hurt. But the worst place for me during a craving is letting someone else drive at work.
  3. I am a Security guard with full access to every breakroom, locker room, and maintenance shop on-site. I have used my keys to steal someone’s smokes before when I ran out, and hated myself for it. Four hours until I’m off and my skin is crawling. I don’t know what to do.
  4. The first eight days were easy. I worked 16 hours last night til 8am, and then came back in 8 hours later. I cried last night and tried to tell myself it was just the shift I was working. I don’t know if I am prepared for this. I wasn’t in a great place before quitting and I only feel more depressed, I hate my job but it provides my housing so I can’t just make that change. I thought quitting would be a start to making the changes I need to make. I work in the outdoors in the mountains and I feel like I have lost all appreciation for it because that was my favorite part of cigaret
  5. Thanks everyone! Off to work in post-surgery pain for day 7 after quitting... it snowed where I am so that should make stepping outside that much harder tonight. Fortunately I have already boarded the NOPE train!
  6. My first NOPE thread, and it’s a NOPE from me!
  7. Thank you @Doreensfree! Thanks @notsmokinjo, everything the surgeon and staff gave me said anywhere from 3 days to a week on the smoking and most other things - I can tell you I feel far from healed so I’m glad I haven’t smoked. The pain and all the wound care has also distracted me from the first few days of quitting. Co-workers said they smoked in the first day or two without dry socket, but I don’t look to them for much! Appreciate all your tips and warm welcomes
  8. Hi there, I don’t know if I belong here, I quit a week ago (plus some minutes!) before getting my wisdom teeth out. I smoked for eight years starting in college, anywhere from a quarter to a half pack a day. I know that’s “nothing” to some individuals. I’m a security guard in the mountains - middle of nowhere. In the summer it’s boring, in the winter it’s stressful and fun - but it’s beautiful year-round. Anyway I live and work here, and it’s filled with triggers. I’m past the whole post-surgery don’t-smoke deal, but trying to ride this as long as I can for my boyfri

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