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  1. The place that reeks the most of stale cigarette smoke on people's breath and clothing, is the waiting room for chemotherapy in my local cancer centre.
  2. Hey Tyme2B and JetBlack. I had surgery and chemo and am presently "NED" which is "NO evidence of disease. Lung cancer is sneaky and it can come back even years later. I am so glad I wasn't laying in my hospital bed going through nicotine withdrawal. I quit july 2015 and had surgery Jan 2016 with chemo in March-June 2016. It a lot more fun to go through nicotine withdrawal than contemplate your early death from a totally preventable cause. i get regular scans for now and am hoping for the best. Of course it helps to quit smoking if you have any serious illness.
  3. I am sorry to hear you are going through this and hope these dreams pass soon or at least become less frequent. Lots of good advise in this thread. The reality of smoking is much worse than the dream.
  4. The key difference for me this time is that I learned to stick with my quit instead of throwing it away. Getting diagnosed, symptom free, with lung cancer, a few months after I quit, as a result of a random xray for a physical that I asked for, well if that isn't enough to keep the quit, I really don't know what else would do it. I don't recommend this particular path but it does sober one up real quick about the downsides of smoking.
  5. It is each person's individual choice whether or not to actively make money off of many other people's untimely and painful deaths. it is all about personal responsibility, just as the decision to quit is.
  6. It's good you got away from that cigarette pusher. I don't know how people can live with themselves making money off of other people's suffering.That includes the cigarette manufacturers and their stockholders and all the middlemen and companies involved in selling. If it weren't already legal there's no way it could be legalized now. I hope you got your Snickers bar from another place.
  7. I also had trouble with the "ever" in NOPE when i first quit, it was 'just for today'. Each morning I pledged NOPE on the board and stuck with it for the day and then got up the next morning and did it again. Eventually i also came around to understanding addiction, and how my addiction had distorted my thinking, and committed to the forever part of ever.
  8. I made some new friends online and got rid of an fake 'friend' who was aiming to kill me. In retrospect it is weird that I had a relationship with a toxic burning stick.
  9. it's such a relief to be free of the day to day grind of this addiction.
  10. Hi Ren, Congratulations on your quit. It's literally the most important thing you can do for yourself and for those who care about you.
  11. Hi Joe, thanks for your post and for your updates. Smoking is such a cruel addiction. It is wonderful to be free of it.
  12. What you are going through is totally normal and also why it is important to remain prepared for sudden out of the blue urges. My last intense session was paradoxically on the one year anniversary of my quit. Since then there have only been mini-episodes and nothing super intense. Hang in there and be reassured that these urges will surely go away.
  13. Rome wasn't built in a day.
  14. Salted Without an O, a capital in Europe
  15. Pablo Picasso Without an E, something you drink

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