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    We'll be right beside you tomorrow, celebrating and ringing in the end of round one. Here's to you and to all of your spectacular tomorrows to come!
  4. hellkatbaby


    I'm ready to find my zzzzz's again that's for sure! hopefully it will find me tonight . If the pups wake me again I just might start crating them at night. I hate to do that because they are really good and only falling into step with my whacked schedule and I feel safe with them but we ALL need to get on the right schedule again. Gotta love them though!! Today was a nice chill day - I didn't bother with any household chores aside of making something to eat and then turned my phone on silent and just relaxed without feeling a bit guilty about it. Even though I wasn't able to 'nap' I was able to recharge which is just as important. I still do my exercises and mindful breathing. Last night I was so relaxed afterwards I couldn't even bother to write in my journal - kept finding myself nodding off lol. I could crawl into bed right now honestly but holding off to see if I'll be able to sleep just a tad later. Tomorrow is my last day of radiation and I get to ring to bell from round 1!! I'm going to have the nurse use my phone to take a video of it of course and then take my mask home and get to work on detailing that sucker out Deadpool style! Then I'll have the next 2 weeks to get into a really good routine before round 2 starts. My sister should be back in town mid-week and I can't wait to just see her and just hang out. She texted me late the other night and seems their trip and turned into more of a nightmare and she is ready to get back to Florida and take a vacay from her vacay. and selfishly I'm ready for her to be back. So here's to tomorrow - me ringing the bell and getting my mask! Oh yea!!!!
  5. Nope and I would not be here if it wasn't for the support I received from my family of friends, on the forum
  6. We're still the same Grund. We care about people wanting to quit. In fact we care about them as if they were our family (which they are - family of quitters )
  7. Yesterday
  8. Missed your big day but I hope it's not too late to send my heartfelt congratulations your way. You're da .
  9. Those considering quitting probably have many questions... How do I quit? You just quit. Don't put things in your mouth and light them on fire. At the end of the day, that's all this process is: refraining from doing one thing repetitively. What will I need to quit? Commitment is the only prerequisite. Education facilitates the process greatly. And if you're looking for support, look no further, the Train has got your back. Yeah but...isn't quitting hard? It has its challenges, but oftentimes the actual difficulty of the quit never lives up to the hype we built for ourselves leading up to the quit. Continuing to smoke is also a challenge, smoking takes much and gives nothing. Pick your challenge. Will you invest in yourself and enjoy the many benefits of quitting? Or will you continue to sentence yourself to more time on the hamster wheel of futility that smoking is; a decision that will offer no positive returns. The right decision is obvious. What are the benefits of quitting? I'm not even going to attempt to provide a comprehensive list of benefits; it's a long list. Better health. Improved quality of life. A boost in self confidence. The lessons we learn in quitting have a carryover effect that can help you improve your life in almost every way imaginable. And of course...Freedom! The process of quitting is simple. It's free. The benefits begin immediately and only accrue with time. The process will benefit you in ways predicted and unforeseen. So I close with one question of my own: What are you waiting for?
  10. Just got back from a 6 day backpacking trip on the John Muir Trail in Kings Canyon National Park. Probably the most challenging hike I've ever done, but the most beautiful too. Would not have been possible 4 years ago. This pic is at Middle Rae Lake.
  11. jillar

    Phrase Connect Game

    You need to own up to it
  12. reciprocity

    chicks or sticks

    Think that's supposed to be in "stick of the day" thread but we'll count it as a 10. Me - 11
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