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**New Game** Your Favorite Things A - Z


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Struggled to choose so I didn't


Sherbets - Alcoholic drinks, usually related to beer, as in, we're going down the pub for a few sherbets.


Scooby - Rhyming slang Scooby Doo = Clue, as in I didn't have a scooby on how to choose between the two entries, so I listed both.

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^doesn't Scooby also mean joint? "I went around Tims for a scooby?"


Tinny - 1) a can of beer. 2) a small aluminium boat, usually with an outboard motor and usually for fishing. 3) to be lucky, ie  "Didya hear about that tinny barstad Kev, he won tatts?"

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Wank - To masturbate. Which was why the child in me would snigger when dealing with a client who went by the moniker Matt Wank.


Wanker - A little counterintuitively, it isn't used as a term for one who wanks, it is more commonly used as a term to descibe a person who is a bit of an arsehole.

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Walloper (in scots language pronounced w-all-ipur (don't forget to roll your r's))


In context one would say - you're a pure walloper so ye ur


Meaning you are a penis 


You bet me to it but thought I'd add mine too.. ?


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