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  1. Mastergardener

    Sigh. . .

    Gardening is good for the soul.....And the hands.... Only problem is I used to smoke like a chimney while gardening......
  2. Didn't realize I was being saved....... LOL Poppy is NOT amused to be called a Boxpooper! She answers to Poppy, Petunia, Pansy, Peabrain, you get the idea.....
  3. I started out as Old Gardener with my cat as my avatar. Bakon told me "old" was no good and also said the cat should go. I was in the early stages of my first quit and got my knickers in a twist and almost left the train. Came to my senses and became Master Gardener instead. Though I might change to just Karen. Known also as dirt digger, thanks to guess who.
  4. I am so glad that I found this site and all of you. Happy Birthday!
  5. Mastergardener


    Hope you are feeling better!
  6. Many, many congratulations. I am so very happy for you!
  7. You are an INSPIRATION to all, and especially to me! So very, very happy for you!
  8. H just had shoulder surgery.... I am working on the limbering up and it is getting better... It's getting OUT of those low cars that gets hard at a certain age :(
  9. H would never put a price on it, sigh! And neither of us can get in or out of it very well these days......
  10. Would be happy to get this out of the garage and sold... Although she was a LOT of fun to drive, when I was allowed, which wasn't that often.... and quite some time ago.... This is not the one in the garage, but look a like ....
  11. All above, excellent advice, particularly Joe's. Having cigs around is just a torment... Holding our hands out to pull you aboard, Karen
  12. I missed this yesterday. So glad for both of you. Good husbands are special.
  13. Oh dear God, I really shouldn't look at this site at work. LMAO and I work in a library for crying out loud. Okay, they tasted lousy, really, really lousy. I did NOT get that rush that I used to get when I had gone for a long time without a cigarette. Nothing enjoyable about it at all. I felt so badly for my poor lungs that were starting to feel so much better. However, and here is the kicker, I awoke the cravings. So now, my mind is craving something that my body doesn't want. Wonderful! The saddest part is that I was getting a glimpse of the promised land, cravings were weakening and coming much further apart. All the depression, sleeping problems and other issues had abated. I was getting there.... So, biggest lesson, we cannot have just one. It won't be what we want, but it will awaken the monster again.

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