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  1. Would you be in favor of California becoming the first smoke free state ?

    and Why?

    I say no I would not be in favor, what next would they band, government has to much control over us as it is.

  2. Sounds like a gopher hole, right foot fell in and stuck then the face plant, hands out trying to stop the face plant but then the right foot twisted free and dropped the entire weight down.  I am sure your Pup was just given you love crying cause she/he knew you were hurt.

    Best advice I can give is to not listen to any good jokes with a fat lip, that laugh or smile will hurt like hell.


    I had a manager named Bill he was an X  Gunny Sargent 

    well he had a massive heart attack, and when we were passing around the card that people were having an issue signing I read from Rod to Bill See you did it !  You proved them all wrong, you do have a heart !

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  3. Setting here at work, we were suppose to get the holiday schedule today but did not.  what a hassle and now I am told because our normal day off is Thursday we do not get paid for it ?  what a rip off.   ERRRR this just pisses me off,  how can you pay some but not the rest for a holiday like Thanks Giving  what a load of crap.  I m so disgruntled 


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  4. Natural:

    Warm milk, Have someone read to you, A long Hot to warm Bath,  a heart beat recording you will sleep like a baby.

    I am sure there are a multitude of them out there, But I would suggest

    A long Hot to warm Bath then a warm milk on your lamp table to sip on while you settle down and a heart beat sound track or one of the CDs where someone is reading a book to you

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  5. Kris, I remember there was a time that I was struggling,  was feeling low and weak.  I went back and read my posts from the beginning,  I watched (read) myself growing, helping, becoming someone I was proud of.

    Can you believe this I inspired my self, the words I wrote, the quits I help save, the lives I touched and that touched me.

    Man I puffed up put on my best Cape and ran around the house, ran out side jumped in the pool and then back in side cause that water was freaking freezing !  You want to be inspired read the words you wrote and inspired others. There are super hero's everywhere, find yours just by looking in the mirror, image.png.9eec15e033cc901a683ea94387ac060d.png

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  6. Sitting at my desk waiting for my crew to come in, and for the other boot to hit the floor from my manager.

    Otherwise a good start to a good day,  here they come let get this day rocking and rolling.

     hit the floor running operations howling like a pack of Coyote,  Do this Do that, maintenance help me ! 


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  7. Nope, on foggy cool mornings, my pipe by the fire place, so many other times and places,  Smell and taste are hooked together did you ever want to put a piece of dog shit in your mouth ?  That's is because it smelled like shit.  I smoked my pipe and the brand of cigarettes because they tasted and smelled good to me.

    Just the truth for me

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  8. "I am on Grandma duty. "

    My Kids know there Daddy, My duty to my kids grand kids and great grand kids is to love them.  when they come over it is special time and nothing but.  if they want to punish them you keep them Home, cause over my home it is a good time or they are learning something or going some where.  Don't allow them to take your special away.

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  9. Its history, Now the next one I have will be larger have dries cranberry's, walnuts and almonds in it.  Damn that was good, hell you could throw some popcorn shrimp in there to.  Definitely work on this salad figure out what will be tasty with that raspberry vinaigrette   YUM 

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  10. So I can not go out and smoke BUT I CAN:

    Leave right after work tonight heading up to the Game refuge, going to Baby set it for three days if we count tonight.

    Readjusted the relief of the Green dot sight and got it to right now, tomorrow Ill spend most of the day fine tuning the sight.   Figure I should run about 60 rounds thru her, I should be able to hit 3 different 4/6" paper plates rapid fire.

    when I am able to consistently do that I will triple the amount of meat I bring home.

    Also going to give blowing up the Hog to skin it,  Compressed air blowing up.  picked me up a couple of 36" air guns they should make those pigs float like they were in the  macy's parade. 

    I am sure I will figure it out after two or three hogs.

    What's that ?  What am I shooting ?  it is the hog gun of the century

    (in California):

    Browning BAR Mark lll, 308, 10 round DBM,  I was fortunate to come across one of the few new ones that were still out there for sale.

    Granted I did pay up for it but Hell it was looking like I would never hold a new one in my smoke free hands.  and it was my one year smoke free to my self.   Thank you very much OPAH,   OOOH and you guys to, it my have taken another couple years if it wasn't for this train. 


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  11. I was out on the tarmac Friday with a mechanic friend, we had finished pulling a fence back into shape after a truck decided it might be fun to exit thru it.

    I was removing the chain from the fence and there it was a big whiff of cigarette smoke, I dam if it wasn't like the smell of Bacon in the morning.

    I guess I should feel Bad,  we are talking Bacon in the morning, Man I wanted a puff just one puff.  Then I hear Todd OOH **** and he snuffs it out.  My first response was YOU ASS HOLE why did you do that. I was

    enjoying that.   Man I am ashamed image.png.5b84741917f3f63dd9f55b9d6b1fb4a3.png

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  12. I remember 27 I was indestructible, worked hard and Played even harder.

    If it made my heart beat fast I was all in, so here is my 63 year old advice:

    Remember the punishment you put your body thru today, will have serious  consequences down the line.  Your quit is the pinnacle of caring for your 60 year old body 33 years from now.  The river crossing was not stupidity that was a challenge, a dare, a glimpse into immortality, at least till you Face planted into the creek bed. 

    As long as you are not breaking your self up to Badly, run, jump, get that adrenalin pumping make your Heart Pound, there will come a day when you can only set with the grand kids look back and reminisce about all the Holy Batmoley,  I really did that, and see deep into their wide opened eyes their awe of knowing they have an elder super hero grand dad.


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  13. well Justin it took me over 3 years to get to the one year of not smoking,

    The advice I have for you is this:

    Hard candies sugar free OK with sugar same, keep them in your packets at all times, Carmel and butterscotch worked real good for me ooo and the recola lozenges.

    and any activity that will get your endorphins running, sing dancing , anything that requires you to be close to your wife.

    include her in your quit,  Talk about the cravings with her by the time your done the cravings are usually over. 

    I remember one time we were driving down the freeway and I caught a whiff of a smoke, I started speeding up and working my way thru the traffic to get closer to the smell.  My wife said what are you doing you just passed our exit ?  I told her and we laughed so freaking hard, she was amazed that I could smell a cigarette doing 70 MPH with all the vehicles on the highway

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