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  1. 4 years and 1/2 latter, still NOPE!
  2. Hi all! It has been a while since I visited this forum. However, the other day a family member asked me how long it was since I quitted and wow, I knew it had been already four years but I no longer remembered the exact date and forgot to celebrate. I guess this has two interpretations, either dementia is coming or the lack of struggle makes you forget.... In any case, for those who are quitting, or planning, or having a hard time, you can totally make it and then even forget about it. Of course I remember sometimes (especially when I smell someone's else smoke, but now it is only a nice feeling thinking how free I am that I no longer have to smoke. So go for it, you can totally make it, and this community will help, so keep discussing, and NOPEing everyday. All the best! g.
  3. four year later, and still NOPE!
  4. thank you all for your good wishes. You are right two years mark is great and feels great. Actually, the other day I was feeling a bit down and came here to see how things were going with you guys. It felt good also because it made me think of the very positive experience here and the great achievement of quitting. Very good for self-confidence. Thank you all and keep strong!!!!!
  5. back then the people here helped a lot, you will make it, stay strong!
  6. Wee! you did it! two years! congratulations!!!
  7. almost two years after quiting and almost one without visiting the forum, I can only say: NOPE!
  8. Hi guys, cannot believe it is one year already, thank you sooo much for celebrating with me and also for the support during this year. Particularly to my buddies, @Wee fluffy me Curiously today I thought of smoking for a second after a difficult conversation, but it rather made me smile than anxious. Hope I'll keep it like this. Cheers, grund.
  9. Thanks a lot guys. Oh, yes, so close to the lido deck! And our gang! It would had been much more difficult without them m. Thank you soooo much!!! ?
  10. You guys are great. Thank a lot for you cheering. I am at a conference and it is sooo good not to be thinking about how to scape for a cig. I definitely feel freer. We are doing it, good for us!!!

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