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  1. Grund

    Grund is 1 One Year Smoke Free!!!

    Hi guys, cannot believe it is one year already, thank you sooo much for celebrating with me and also for the support during this year. Particularly to my buddies, @Wee fluffy me Curiously today I thought of smoking for a second after a difficult conversation, but it rather made me smile than anxious. Hope I'll keep it like this. Cheers, grund.
  2. Grund

    Monday 13th August 2018

  3. Grund

    Sunday 5th August 2018

  4. Grund

    Grund is 11 Months Quit Today

    Thanks a lot guys. Oh, yes, so close to the lido deck! And our gang! It would had been much more difficult without them m. Thank you soooo much!!! 💜
  5. Grund

    Tuesday 10th July 2018

  6. Grund

    Grund is 10 months quit today!!

    You guys are great. Thank a lot for you cheering. I am at a conference and it is sooo good not to be thinking about how to scape for a cig. I definitely feel freer. We are doing it, good for us!!!
  7. Grund

    Wee Fluffy Me is 10 Month's Smoke Free

    Wow! Ten months buddy. This is huge! I am so happy and proud of you! Hope you will celebrate lots!!! 🍾🎊🎉🎈
  8. Grund

    Tuesday 5th may 2018

  9. Grund

    Thursday 31st May 2018

    Nope, nope, no even on international non-smoking day!!! Happy day all of us!
  10. Grund

    Thursday 24th May 2018

    It has been a while since I came last but still, nope everyday, even on thursdays!
  11. Grund

    Grund is 9 months Quit Today!!!

    Thank you all guys, grab a drink, today is on me!! 🎊🎉🍾
  12. Grund

    Wee fluffy me is 9 months Smoke Free Today

    Congratulations my dear buddie. 9 months is awesome, I am so proud and so happy for you. Huge! 🎊 🎈 🎉
  13. Grund

    Wednesday 9th May 2018


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