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Quitting Changed My Life






Posted May 14 

Thank you guys so much!! 5 years already?! I love it!! I look back on the last 5 years with so much joy in my heart... I'm glad I saw my quit as a celebration, it has always felt that way...never negative. 

It changed my life, my kids lives. I volunteer as a Girl Scout Troop Leader...before I would have never done anything like that. I had convinced myself I had too much anxiety or too introverted but all of that was my addiction getting me to fall out so I'd always have time to feed it.

I still have my original "why I want to quit" list and my terrible Bob Ross paintings all around the house because my quit will always be a part of me. 

My husband quit a little after me and he finally had the courage to quit a kitchen job he had been at for 10 years for an accountant position and now he's the supervisor. 

Believe me when I saw anything is possible! 

Thanks Quittrain for always being here to celebrate with me... I'll even bring the balloons ❤




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Good to see you too! And  congratulations!!! I can only agree with you. I got a very important boost of self confidence by quiting and thanks to it tried other things and went through important life changes. Do not regret any of it!!!

I love to remember it, thank you!!!

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