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  1. Getting sh1t hung on me by some sepos.
  2. I Wanna Spill The Blood Of A Hippy - Doug Anthony All Stars When should I go to bed?
  3. 14 (um sslip how'd we become phartes?)
  4. Well pur should a been our but the rest was proper bogan. What am I spin right now: burning the ar5e out a the rice.
  5. OK I'll be a fat old lady lad. Random thought: if Australia was still a prison would Tassie be the slot?
  6. Will you barack for my Saintas too if I say yes?... Don't think they have a Karnt Farken Cook in St.Kilda but considerin they're know for their ladies of the night it could mean Kunts For Cheap... Best football club eva
  7. 1.20am... Is it too early to claim early bird? ... night owl Pineapple or kiwi fruit
  8. Ha ha now ya gotta ask again :P
  9. True... Think its a daily occurance Tnp can skateboard?
  10. Did ya ever think that was pur cunning plan and he was a plant?
  11. Pondering the fact the Brits got better at swimming when they got an Aussie coach
  12. MrTitwank... Was it the mention of Thorpie or Hackett that got you in the mood?
  13. And put comes a Taffy. Insert some thistles and an inferiority complex
  14. Throw Your Arms Around Me - Hunters and Collectors (Took me a while to hang the washing and put the bins out... OK truthfully I couldn't decide which song to go with) And when you get your happy ending?
  15. False have up FB for lent 5 years ago and have never been back (don't see that happening with trams though) Oops.... TNP would rather confess to something embarrassing than hurt someone's feelings

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