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  1. A late afternoon..............NOOOOOOPE ! ;)
  2. Congrats Tracey...15 Months is Big Time !!! paul :)
  3. NOPE for me too !!! Yes, Babs...bring on the Spring ! Happy Saturday to everyone ! :) paul
  4. :wub: YUP to CUPID....NOPE to cigarettes !!! :wacko2:
  5. Marti- A late night Congratulations on 11 BIG MONTHS ! I just got back in town and home. You have been a big support to me and everyone here. Good Job ! paul :)
  6. :acute: Jackie- Congrats. One Week is Big. Every day is Big. Way to Go ! paul
  7. N ...O....P....E...!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  8. Gabby- Congrats on 8 Months. You're Awesome ! Good Job ! :) :) :)
  9. Laura- Congrats on One Month. Great Job ! :)
  10. NOPE for me too, guys & gals ! :)
  11. A late in the day but a sincere.................NOPE !!!
  12. Hi- Your coming right back on the Forum and the fact that you have not quit trying to quit is a big boost for you and for us. Glad you're back. Thanks ! paul :)
  13. :) Doreen- Congrats on 18 Months to a lady who really knows the meaning of unselfishness and compassion. You da Bomb, Mom !!! paul
  14. :acute: Congrats on One Year. That's Big Time ! You have helped me before and I thank you. (That's just one of the reasons you made the year...you gotta give it away to keep it) !!!
  15. Dors- Congrats on 11 Months.....AWESOME ! :)
  16. :i-m_so_happy: :i-m_so_happy: :i-m_so_happy: NOPE for this Day ! Evelyn....Happy Birthday, kid ! Enjoy You !
  17. Colleen- As already said......20 Months is "WOW...INSPIRING." That's BigTime ! Congrats.
  18. :P NO Way...Nada...Absolutely Not....No,,No,No.....NOPE !!! ;)
  19. Marti- Upcoming Congrats on 10k !!! It's incredible to think how we just kept lighting up, but the blessing is we don't anymore, a day at a time. To think I'm still standing after so many years of smoking should be enough gratitude and the biggest deterrent for me ! Great post ! ;)
  20. Lace- Congrats on 11 Months ! Remarkable ! :) :) :)
  21. :yahoo: Chrys- Ten Months is Awesome! That's Big Time ! Congratulations !

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