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Interesting point about Nicoteen


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Jules..we just want to get you there..

I can think of much healthier ways for you to be kept occupied....

My hubby is end stage emphysema.. Damaging your lungs beyong repair ..is not the way...

Try regular chewing gum ...keeps your mouth busy... Try reading..take up a new hobby..running...

There is a million things you could do..

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Good job Jules- kicking the nicotine and now putting down the vaping too! I wouldn't want to rely on another person not to make a mistake and accidentally give me the wrong juice. I've been off caffeine for many years but I love decaf shots over ice with a teeny splash of coconut milk- that's my coffee drink of choice. TMI maybe but the point is I can tolerate the small amount of caffeine in the decaf shots but if someone is careless and gives me regular shots, I get super anxious and sometimes heart palpitations and forget about sleeping that night. This is despite always double checking that the drink is decaf. I wouldn't want to put my nicotine "sobriety" into the hands of some kid at a vaping shop. This may not be your situation exactly but hoping you get my point. Again, congrats on your quit! Now, as you've already resolved...NTAP!

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Not trying to bust your chops Jules...but from my experience and being around other quitters who have successfully quit...I have to say..there is GOLD in the struggle.  

When I say that I mean...people who quit cold turkey also have tough moments and feel the need to "take the edge off".  So..they have to rewire their brains to do healthy alternatives.  Deep breaths, water, go for a walk, call a friend...meditate...listen to music.  Dance, run...the list goes on


If during your early days of your quit all you turn to is vaping...then you are setting yourself up for trouble


If you are also adapting while vaping and incorporating healthy alternatives into your lifestyle..then you have a great chance of success.


People who NEVER smoked have stress...they too get edgy and restless at times because it's a part of life...and they cope with it...without smoking..vaping..puffing...and THAT is our ultimate goal.  Regardless of how you get there


Do wish you the best in success!  

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Thats a shame, it should not be that way as a "starter" for smoking. It should not be seen as cool. Surely a non smoker would not go an buy nicotine gum or patches, and then take up smoking. I wonder why your son decided to vape. I am sure there are many like him though. How long did he vape for before he started smoking. I don't agree with vaping BTW, no one knows the dangers as its relatively new, however i think its clear its not a bad a smoking (in the sort term) but still an addiction. For me it helped me quit. Each to there own. I am no longer vaping. but it helped so be it. I reached my goal. and on here we all share the same goal. 

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I have to say..there is GOLD in the struggle.  

When I say that I mean...people who quit cold turkey also have tough moments and feel the need to "take the edge off".  So..they have to rewire their brains to do healthy alternatives.  


Learning to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.  Delaying instant gratification for a long-term goal.  Committing fully to the process and seeing it through.


The process of quitting rewires you in a way that will serve you well in every facet of your life.


Comfort zones often become ruts.

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There is no doubt that quitting is tough, some say that nicotine is the hardest addiction, that i don't know as i have never taken other drugs, well i drink coffee but i can go without it which i quite often do, and i drink alcohol but neither am i addicted to. I use the term addicted because i can go days without feeling the need to have coffee or alcohol. 

Shame this board dosent have a Poll feature (or does it) because it would be good to know how many failed quits people have had before they consider they are quit. I am sure there are lots of failed quits, but when you look at a failed quit were you really serious about quitting. I tried to quit once but had no intention of quitting. I was from pressure from others, so i just smoked in secret ! Whats interesting is the method people try to quit. I did cold turkey once a few years ago, lasted about 6 hours, then decided to give up cigarettes and smoke cigars, Packet of cigars a day later and back on the fags. This time as many of you know i have done it with patches and Vaping. Now off both, but it HAS worked for me and been relatively easy. I had 6 cigarettes in the first 2 weeks which i was pleased with, (i would usually have that for breakfast) and then nothing. I am also scared that one puff will lead to going back to the old habit. 


Lets stick together and fight this nasty demon

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In my 52 year addiction to cigarettes.. I tried to quit thousands of times..but I know know where and what went wrong..

I wasn't truly invested 100/per cent...I had half of me in..and half of me out..

This last quit..I knew I felt different ,I knew this was the one..my whole self in...

I didn't have enough knowledge.. I didn't understand addiction..why I was ,and stayed hooked...

This is why we say educate yourself..read all you can...

This truly was my last chance..no more excuses..when you are faced with that decision..it all becomes alot clearer.

My advice to everyone ..quit before the S***T hits the fan...because one day it will ...and it just might be too late..

It's really doesn't matter how many failed tries you have had..just make this one count...!!!!

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