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  1. Thanks Joel, I know I always have to remain cautious, I guess what I was trying to say is that as of today I never feel like smoking again, and i am confident i never will, which to me is an awesome feeling. Someone once wrote a story on here about romancing the cigarette, which was very true, about the fantasy and the appeal of the cigarette. When I smoked I always said I loved smoking, iin fact i now now i never loved smoking. Julian
  2. I am 53 days now and after years of being a heavy smoker this is the best thing i have ever done. I really will never go back. When i am around smokers it horrible and makes me feel sick, i no way does it make me miss smoking. I think everyone has a "Magic" day after quitting when that craving just goes completely and you know smoking is a thing of the past. Mine last week when i went out a few times with friends, had lots of drinks but never even once had any cravings. That was the moment i realised my relationship with smoking is completely over and forgotten
  3. Seems strange, I think it would be awful, not the smoke, but the disappointment I would feel.
  4. I thought she had smoked so many she wad actually started to fart them out!
  5. Yep it’s not been easy, but not been too hard. To be fair the hardest time is this evening for some reason, knowing I am only couple hours away from my 3 weeks. But don’t worry there is absolutely no way on earth this quit is being ruined . I live about 5 miles from nearest shop, so my tactic is to have a few drinks when I have a craving as there is no way I can get to buy smokes. Where I live the tolerance for drink driving is zero, get caught it’s furstky jail and then deportation. ! Life over
  6. There must be more than 10,000 cigarettes. To be fair thats only 50 cartons of 200. If you look at the height of the girl compared with the tank then there s definitely more than 10,00 cigarettes! BTW 3 weeks today for me and going strong!
  7. Hi, sorry to be off topic, but I smoked 2-3 packs a day minimum, and I never once turned my fingers yellow! As I say sorry a bit off topic but why did I not get yellow fingers !!! Day 11 now and still going strong
  8. Well today was a major achievement. My car broke down on the way to work and I pulled in at the garage . 2 hour wait for recovery truck and managed not to go for the fags. Under normal circumastances this stress would have ruined my quit... not today though! Very happy
  9. NOPE - Day 6 now and tomorrow night will be my 1 week. This time its seems so much better than my last attempt a quitting!
  10. So true, I quit (again) because I was feeling so bad. I was 3 packets a day sometimes a 4th would get opened. Waking up was horrendous days I felt awful, I would literally only start feeling ok in the evening after a few drinks and the cigs would be non stop. I decided to quit again a week ago and I have not felt better for many many months. Every night I think I may just have one ... but I don’t, and the first think I fell in the morning is happiness that I didn’t ruin my quit. The first time I quit in March this year I kidded myself that the odd one was ok. It’s not as one leads to another NOPE is the only way. I am now on day 5 so it’s early days but each day is progress
  11. Nope - on my forth day now since quitting again. This time I am finding it a little easier and after only 4 days I feel much better.
  12. Couldn’t agree more. NOPE is the way to go. Now on second full day and it’s tough but getting through it.
  13. Hi All, I have returned again to try and crack this habit. I had done so well for a few months but lost my way, Was a fool to believe one every now and again would be OK, it stated one at the weekend, then one in the evening, then one in the morning and a couple in the evening, then before I new it, was back to 2-3 packets a day. Last night I said NO. Threw away all my remaining cigarettes, and now have the determination to do this properly.
  14. Still on the train, just not posted for a while.... busy busy....
  15. cheers, i feel great, no complaints at all. To be honest I barely notice it at all now, which is fantastic because as you know i was a heavy smoker
  16. dry heat, when the 100% humidity hits its awful!!! I choose to play golf in this all weekend... the last thing on your mind is smoking i can tell you....
  17. i wish i had fresh air in the lungs, its 50 degrees C here and outside is unbearable!!!
  18. Do it, I have failed quits several times.. ok if you fail come back stronger .... My advice if you fail DO NOT stress, get over it and start again. You can change the future. There is **** all you can do about the past...
  19. Hey I am here!!! I have just been in Iran for the last week, great place but very limited to internet usage, plus was very busy ! Still going strong !!
  20. i am sure its not correct, I have been on so many forums / web sites etc that state there are so many thousands on line right now. I cant quite believe these numbers to be honest.

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