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  1. Hello @Freedom53! So glad you are here! In the few weeks that I have been here I have found kind and helpful support from all of these amazing people. Check in regularly and do not hesitate to post if you are struggling as you will get replies, empathy, and solid advice from other that have been in our shoes. ❤❤
  2. @BeautifulAspie1970 (((hugs))) you've been through a lot and I am so sorry. I glad you are here! Let's continue to help each other overcome this terrible addiction to nicotine. ❤❤
  3. @Kris I think seeking out volunteer opportunities is a fantastic idea. You are doing great and building up wonderful self care habits. I have really tried to focus on replacing unhealthy habits with healthy habits. Little by little. I need to focus more on better eating and exercise now. I may look into volunteer opportunities in my area as well to get me out of the house occasionally--thanks for the idea. ❤❤
  4. @Kris not to pry but do you live alone? I do. I am an empty nester single momma bear. I like my own company and am quite happy with staying home. My company sent us to work from home 8n March of 2020 and we are not going back. I share all this to say that I recently discovered that even as an introvert that is content to be home, alone with just my dog, that even I need out of the house and human face to face interactions from time to time to get out of my own head. ❤ I wish we were neighbors...pizza and vodka sounds like it could have been a fun party!
  5. Great job @Kate18! 18 months is a major accomplishment and so happy to celebrate your success!
  6. Haha! I just popped on to see if anything was going on in the forums and found this thread. Thank you all for the continued support and encouragement! I couldn't do this without each of you!!! ❤❤
  7. Way to go @Gus!!!!! So proud of you and honored to celebrate with you!
  8. @darcy kudos to you for jumping back on the train! I am so excited for you that you are reclaiming your freedom! I relate to that sentiment. I am just a few days away from being 4 weeks quit and I too love the freedom. I really love not having to plot when and where I can smoke when out and about. We've got this!!! ❤❤
  9. @Kris I am 3 weeks quit today and totally relate to what you said. The minute I feel stressed or agitated in the least, I want to reach for a cig. I am looking forward to no longer thinking I want one when things are tough.
  10. @BeautifulAspie1970 you did good coming here! I bet that craving is gone already! Keep coming back each time the craving pops up - we got this!
  11. Woooooo! I am just a few hours from 14 days as a non-smoker! Amazing amazing amazing feeling! ❤❤

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