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  1. Hi Jillar hope you're well. By clues do you mean what helps you stay strong during holidays? Things are OK hear, the last few days I've had no cravings following that 3 month wobbly bit!
  2. And I'm sorry to add this but its necessary: I stopped a while back and two weeks ago I learned my beautiful, lovely cousin, who everybody loves, has been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. Aged 55. Just makes me more determined to stay free from nicotine and tobacco.
  3. Great to hear from you. I wish you the very best for your quit. It will work out but even if there are bumps in the road, you'll win this! I can't emphasise how much this site has helped me. Lets stick two fingers up to an industry that kills us for profits!
  4. Thank you all. Last couple of days have been much better thanks. That's a nice feeling! Hoping it was just a 3 month wobble and relatively plain sailng for a bit now. Peace and respect!
  5. Thank you so much. I think like everyone says once the novelty wears off its scary that it cancome back! No way going to give in just helps to talk. Could cry right now want to kick this crap out of my life!
  6. NOT anout to cave but only because the stakes of smoking/not smoking are so high. But having such a ridiculous crave. Dreamt I smoked last night and now it's all I can think of. And this is day 106 nicotine free. Hoped it would all be gone now even though I had the 3 month thing a week or so bad. Please tell me the benefits of not giving in, even though I already know them! Hope everyone else is OK
  7. Thanks I will book an appointment. Thanks for all the inspiration guys
  8. Sorry I don't want to be negative, I'm soooooo happy to be free and want to keep it going. Everyone who has quit from 1 second to 100 years ago celebrate your strength! I genuinely believe deciding to quit is the difficult bit
  9. 100 days smokeand nicotine free today. Happy day. Slightly scared I may have COPD. No symptoms other than I'm sure if I had to blow into a device to measure lung capacity the results would be dismal. But you know, hey ho, better to be free at any cost. Only smoked for 20 years but very heavily. Not sure if I want to see a doctor! Congrats to all other newbies by the way
  10. Really impressed with how people are investing their saved money! I'm about to hit 100 days but so far have spent it on expensive treats! That will change when we take on our first mortgage shortly! Great to hear so many success stories
  11. Great news Christine. Just deciding to quit is a massive achievement, I really believe that. So many good things await you in your new non-smokimg life. Let's all kick poisonous, smelly tobacco out of our lives once and for all. Everyone here is totally behind you.
  12. Thank you so much guys. I will never give in but it helps to know others understand! I want to be here for others too and despite being a grown man I am almost crying! Nicotine is a poison I am going to fight all the way. Lets make sure it never gets us again! By the way this facility where people can come if they need sos is amazing. Lets do this together
  13. Arrrghhhh. Day 95 nicotine free and whether it's the self fulfilling prophecy or not im having 3 month difficulties! Will never give in but in a parallel universe right now I am smoking a pack of marlborough gold. Tell me this will pass?
  14. Hi all Really want a quit family so we can encourage each other. Day 89 nicotine free after 20 years of fairly heavy smoking but I have to be careful. I'm a hopeless addict by nature but everything was easy until a couple of days ago when my partner and I argued badly. Was so close to buying a pack and chucking my quit away but somehow I didn't. Has shaken my confidence a bit though. Can anyone identify with this!? Matt

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