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  1. My 50th Birthday is tomorrow and I intend to go into my birthday tonight at midnight smoke free. I was born on Thursday 12th February 1970 in a charming maternity hospital in Wood Street, Barnet, Hertfordshire which comes under North London.
  2. On Saturday 18th January 2020 Anno Domini, the day that I relapsed, I was around my non-smoking friend Ioanna's home. Ioanna was very worried about my shaking and trembling. Ioanna told me to keep strong, it'll pass, but I decided to go to the local internet café where my and Ioanna's good friend manages his business. I trusted two packs of Lambert and Butler Original Silver cigarettes I've paid my friend back now when my Carer collected my money from my financial corporate appointee the Tuesday after. I reset the Quit after my elderly friend bought me some Nicorette Quickmist mouth sprays for my birthday. I don't want to go into my birthday as a smoker. I need to Quit. All my cigarettes have gone now, I chucked them in the estate bin and dismissed them for the garbage they are. Now I'm nearly one day quit and using the Nicorette Quickmist mouth sprays much more sensibly than I did before. I've been praying to my Lord Jesus Christ for strength too.
  3. I'll be fifty years of age tomorrow. I was born on Thursday 12th February in the year of 1970.
  4. I'm now 1 day quit after smoking way too many cigarettes since relapsing on 18th January. A fellow church member bought me some Nicorette Quickmist mouth sprays to help me with my latest quit for a birthday present. My birthday is tomorrow, 12th February. On the 18th January when I relapsed I started to have seizure like tremors from the nicotine withdrawals symptoms and buckled under the pressure of the cold turkey quit. I'm now one day quit.
  5. God did not give us the spirit of fear and timidity but of power, courage and a sound mind.
  6. The reason why I only had a black cup of tea is because I failed to possess the monetary funds to buy fresh pasteurizer milk. This is due to my heightened susceptibility to financial exploitation and financial incapacity. I'm glad I had enough gumption to stand up for my Quit today
  7. I nearly relapsed on a cigarette a few minutes ago when a friend called Colin came to my flat to visit me but I had a black cup of tea instead so the tea saved my cold turkey Quit!
  8. I've got some mouthwateringly good Swiss herbal bracing glacier peppermint sweeties which are sugar free that the Jehovah's witness elder at my kingdom hall last night, and his wife, bought for me to help me with my cold turkey Quit. They know I have to have sugar free mints because of my insulin resistant type two diabetes mellitus. I love my cold turkey Quit!!!!
  9. I'm really proud of myself for declining the cigarette. I'm at my disability drop in self advocacy group which is especially for people on the autism spectrum and for people with learning disabilities. It's really nice here and the people are lovely.
  10. I declined a cigarette off of my Carer this morning. In spite of the way I am really suffering with my nicotine withdrawal symptoms. I'm determined to be strong and to not weakly give in. I can't buy cigarettes anyway because of social services restrictions on my money. Praise be to Lambeth Social Services!

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