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  1. brand.new.ela

    Day 3

    I am sorry Lilly and I’m proud of you and your strength. Usually day 3 is critical and cravings peak then, most probably it’s related to nicotine leaving the body. With each day it’s goingto be easier. Take care!
  2. brand.new.ela

    The holidays

    Hugs, Linda, I know that holidays isn’t the easiest time and you’ve had tough moments recently. Just be nice to yourself and enjoy what is good.
  3. brand.new.ela

    Jayhawk is 4 Month Smoke Free

  4. brand.new.ela

    time4change is 1 month smoke free

    Congratulations! You’ve successfully completed the hardest month, you’re awesome!
  5. brand.new.ela

    WeegieWoman is 1 Year Smoke Free!

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! Feels awesome, doesn’t it? 😁
  6. brand.new.ela

    Feeling weird.....

    Yeah, it feels weird, smoking used to be always there and suddenly it’s gone. And then all the weird bodily adjustments. But one day not-smoking will become the new normal and your body better than ever. Keep on going, you’re doing great!
  7. brand.new.ela

    November Bonfire....

    7352 cigarettes from me. Will spend the regained 91 days doing something else.
  8. brand.new.ela

    Notsmokinjo is 11 Months Smoke Free Today!!!

    You are a treasure, Jo! Thank you for all that you do. You deserve all the best and are simply awesome!
  9. brand.new.ela

    Linda Thomas is 3 months smoke free!

    Linda, I admire your strength and integrity. You are an amazing person. Congratulations!
  10. brand.new.ela

    tocevoD is 10 Months Smoke Free

    Congratulations! Great job!
  11. brand.new.ela

    Fab is 10 Months Smoke Free

    Congratulations! 10 months is great!
  12. brand.new.ela

    Gabes is 10 months Smoke Free

    Well done! Congratulations!
  13. brand.new.ela

    CAquitter is 8 Months Smoke Free

    Awesome! Congratulations!
  14. brand.new.ela

    RoryPlog is 10 Months Smoke Free

    Double digits look great on you! Good job!
  15. brand.new.ela

    Roopy is 9 months smoke free!


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