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  1. One of the most wonderful posts ever
  2. brand.new.ela

    The Bridge-repost by jwg

    That’s a beautiful story and one that portrays a quality of both Quittrain and late QSMB: support. Support, help, understanding, no preaching and judging.
  3. brand.new.ela

    Ugh. Back to day 0.

    Sunny, make this error a lesson. Analyze what happened, what did you think, all the details. You’ll be stronger when a similar trigger happens next time. We are here and we will support you in your quit.
  4. brand.new.ela

    Another Smoke-Free Vacation in the books

    That’s wonderful! Beautiful pictures!
  5. brand.new.ela

    The perplexing pull to the tobacco shop

    GITW, thoughts do and will appear, to all or most of us. It’s about what we do with them, how we handle them. And you didn’t listen to it, you left. It shows your strength. What’s more, you were able to look at it from outside. It was the old addict thinking, not you. While the situation might have been uncomfortable, it shows what a great and strong quit you have.
  6. brand.new.ela

    justanotherme is 11 months Smoke Free!!

    Congratulations! So close!
  7. I, as many others, thought I enjoyed smoking. Coffee and cigarettes after lunch were, in my opinion, the best moment of the day. I couldn’t imagine writing or reading without it. Another reason was fear, resulting from lack of education. I had many short attempts that lasted two or three days. I didn’t know this was the peak and it’d get better and easier. Had I known, maybe I’d have persisted or at least try again sooner. What a waste 😞
  8. brand.new.ela

    Not worth the money

    Salon hair stuff is packed with silicones. They’re taking care of the visual but don’t improve the true condition. The smaller, private companies are the place to go. Probably we live in two ends of the world so there’s no point in recommending, but hair care has been a raising star in the last years and there are many gems.
  9. brand.new.ela

    c9jane29 IS ON THE LIDO DECK - 1 year smoke free today

    Jane, what a great news about your daughter. That’s a double hug for you!
  10. brand.new.ela

    What I didn't forsee

    Give, I’m sorry for your health issues. We were all blind when we started smoking. However, the way you’re handling and embracing your quit is powerful and you can be proud of yourself
  11. brand.new.ela


    Very well put, Saz. You perfectly described what I was experiencing too: conviction that I smoke because I enjoy it and can stop any moment, and it’s harmful, yes, but I can stop so it doesn’t concern me. I can’t believe how blind I was.
  12. brand.new.ela

    c9jane29 IS ON THE LIDO DECK - 1 year smoke free today

    FANTASTIC JOB, Jane! Congratulations, so proud of you!
  13. brand.new.ela

    I think I have No Man's Land Palsy

    You are young pharte 🤣 I think I know what you mean, one can’t be constantly enthusiastic and small changes often don’t look spectacular. As a results, the road to freedom isn’t rainbows and unicorns, miracles don’t happen. But it’s worth it, regardless how angry we are, it is worth it
  14. brand.new.ela

    Latoya is 5 Months Quit Today!!

  15. brand.new.ela

    Happy 4 years Quit Train!

    Thank you, QT for saving so many lives, for the support and lack of judgement, for the wonderful community. You deserve the cake! With extra chocolate!

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