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  1. C9jane29 Is 10 Months Quit Today!!

  2. Beazel Arrives On The Lido Deck Today!!

    Huge, huge congratulations to you! It’s a great achievement and you can be proud. Celebrate as long as you can, you’ve deserved it!
  3. barry is 5 months quit today!

    Congratulations Barry! Your quit is admirable, you’re so firm and strong 🙂 Enjoy your holidays, you deserve all the celebrations in the world!
  4. Wee Me is 7 Months Quit Today!!

  5. Joe7 Is 10 Months Quit Today!!

    10 months! That’s great!
  6. Sparkzzz Is 5 Months Quit Today!!

  7. Mollie1 is 11 MOnths Quit Today!!

    Congratulations! Start packing!
  8. G67 is 9 Months Quit Today!

  9. Martian5 is 2 Months Quit Today!!

    That’s amazing! Great job!
  10. Jetblack Is 5 Months Quit Today!

  11. Sslip is 2 Months Quit Today!!

    Fantastic job, Shane! So, so proud of you!
  12. Day 5: Uggh

    Steve, imagine, your body is free of nicotine. You did it. The worst is over. Smoking will make you feel worse not better.
  13. Lifetime of Addiction

    I come from the former East Block. I know how it is when the government knows better what’s good for you. Theoretic discussions are really laughable.
  14. Sending hugs, Jo. Life can be mean sometimes. But you’ve shown you’re strong and I’m proud of you. Many would have taken the easy way and smoked, you are firm and determined. We will help you in whatever we can.
  15. Stressful day

    Great job Kate. Thoughts and cravings will come and go but you’ve shown you’re stronger than them. I’m sorry you are having tough time, do something nice to yourself instead of inhaling poison.

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