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  1. LisaMK

    November 9 2017

    So 2nd quit while on the Quit Train is quite strange indeed.......only 3 days in and I feel like its been at least 2 weeks! Seems like forever........Ive had some beautiful people contact me privately and its so nice to know that you care..........had to laugh this morning as my significant other went out to have his half a smoke this morning and how cold he was when he did....I really did chuckle........
  2. LisaMK

    November 8 2017

    Hello Blog.......feeling kinda strange today........little blips of "IWAC" but not really......kinda weird, they're not really serious thoughts, more like just little balloons of thoughts that pop.......the thought comes and then when I think of how horrible it REALLY will be, its like "No thank you, Im good"......other than that feeling kinda energetic and spunky........getting ready to do some walking, then come home and take care of other things.......maybe make a homemade carrot cake with the carrots from out of my garden.......making a homemade pizza tonight for supper and get some work done of the computer for my biz.......
  3. LisaMK

    Tuesday, November 7th, 2017

  4. LisaMK

    Stand Up and Be Counted...November Roll call !!!

    Im here whatever this is for..........
  5. LisaMK

    November 7 2017

    Not sure what to write today.......a little scared to write anything.........quit time was actually yesterday at 8am........24 hrs has been achieved........I hope that others who read this understand, we all have our different journeys for this....we all have our different stories.....we all have different minds, souls and beliefs........I do hope to help others one day in their journey (when I understand the journey myself) and do hope I will not judge their actions along their journey........
  6. LisaMK

    Uggghhhh, I Slipped

    Well alrighty then :(
  7. LisaMK

    Uggghhhh, I Slipped

    Thanks everyone for reaching out
  8. LisaMK

    Uggghhhh, I Slipped

    So, had a weak moment.......I slipped Friday eve.........not feeling very good about this AT ALL........start over? AGAIN! Never give up! Keep trying........
  9. LisaMK

    Friday November 3, 2017!

  10. LisaMK

    Lisa !!!!

    Nice to meet you Tyme! I read what you have posted and I can relate to a lot of what you said.......one day at a time! You got this!
  11. LisaMK

    Lisa !!!!

    Is this for me? LOL....if yes, Im good!
  12. LisaMK

    First Entry into Blog Oct 30 2017

    Thank you for the words of encouragement :)
  13. NOPE!! With a smile :D
  14. LisaMK

    First Entry into Blog Oct 30 2017

    So here is the funny part.......in my past attempts to quit, I had often thought about starting a blog or more like an online journal if you will.....so this is pretty darn cool I must say :D Destiny maybe?? Day 3 of not smoking........actually 36 hours as of 10:07am this morning......feeling pretty good, actually spectacular.....breathing is getting better and overall just plain feel good including my attitude. This can actually be a dangerous time for me as in the past, I have said to myself......"you're doing good! Lets have 1 to celebrate" :o So, with that being said, I did have a IWAC thought this morning but dismissed by going walking and doing other things.......it has passed and I no longer want one.........(PS: I have smokers who live in the same household so its not hard to smoke at all--smoking is not allowed in the house tho) Bought a couple books today to read when I finish the one Im currently reading.........thanks to another suggestion on here I will be reading more to help detour my mind to better things.......also bought a crossword book. Its been my experience that if I dont occupy my mind, it can go a little berserk with the smoking thing (and just overthinking in general) so the more things I do that occupy it, the better........Last night I colored while I listened to the subliminal no smoking video and that was pretty cool if anyone else is interested in trying that method to help :)

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