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  1. No worries, you didn't bring me down. Just gave me another occasion to celebrate. For me, every NOPE I post is a celebration. So much so that I post them in my journal too.
  2. I like NOPE12 because its a power.
  3. I don't know if I'm more upset that my McD's now tastes nasty or that I wasted a cheat day on it.
  4. I guess I'll have to celebrate again in 3 months and just enjoy the other health benefits until then.
  5. It's actually day 4 but, according to the timeline, I am now nicotine free.
  6. Awesome! If nicotine were a controlled substance, today I would have a clean pee-test.
  7. DragonsFancy


    Everyone tells me how important it is to increase my quitting education. Today I learned that I have reduced my chance of a heart attack. I wouldn't have believed that last night when it felt like I was having one. It's also good to know my energy levels will start to increase--all I did yesterday (all day) was yawn. I am, however, enjoying the occasional dizziness, but I was recently put on blood pressure meds and should probably get it checked.
  8. Shouting out my 2 1/2 days quit!
  9. DragonsFancy

    Hanging In

    I'm still hanging on. My biggest challenge so far was morning break--I was so tempted. I spent the time reading the SOS posts. I laughed when I recognized several I had been thinking at that very moment. Now lunch time is almost over and I have QuitTrain and solitaire to thank.
  10. NOPE! Still here, taking advantage of everyone else posts. Just made it through break time. I own a blue Chevy Spark. I think I'll name it Sparkle.
  11. Since Bat's song is the same as mine (Sherry). I looked up the song on the date I was conceived. Hmmm...
  12. Thank you all for the support, advice and warm wishes---gave me goosebumps. I love the mason jar idea. I will definitely be tooling around the site when I get home work today.
  13. I quit. Ran out of cigs last night and, when I woke up, decided I wasn't going to buy another pack. I'm already making a list of things I'll be able to buy or do with the money I'll save. Yay me! Deanna
  14. So proud of me! I haven't had a single cigarette today. ?
  15. Finally did it! I haven't had a single cigarette today. I keep reminding myself what other things I can spend that $10 on. ?

    1. notsmokinjo


      Well done. Hold on tight.

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