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  1. Nothing like a reminder of last year's fires to finally stress me out enough that I'm thinking about smoking. Wind and massive amounts of smoke in the air have got my anxiety on high alert.


    I will be strong! I Will Be Strong! I WILL BE STRONG! 



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  2. WooHoo! Celebrating my 2 weeks free!


    I'm celebrating my losses...

    My last thought before heading home is no longer "do I need to stop for smokes?"

    I no longer park in the back lot where the smoking area is; I park in the front lot.

    I don't have to stand in the cold or rain to enjoy a smoke. OR THIS FREAKY WARM WIND!!!! Sorry I still have issues.

    I don't worry about not spending money so I always have enough for cigarettes.

    I don't worry about how I smell.

    The hand sanitizer in my car is for sanitizing--not smellatizing.

    I don't need to ask where the smoking area is.

    Travel time no longer includes a smoke on arrival.



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  3. You are strong and have fought your way through without jeopardizing your relationship with your brother. Sounds like getting it out put you back in control. WAY TO GO!

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  4. 44 minutes ago, Sazerac said:


    You are one hour before FOUR days.

    This is incredible !

    You must celebrate every damn moment of your precious quit !

    The truth about Nicotine is never pretty and I am sorry if I brought you down, 

    I only want to lift you up.

    As I see it, one of the greatest benefits of quitting smoking was the acceptance of the truth.

    This continues to serve me, truth has no judgement...it is only truth.


    No worries, you didn't bring me down. Just gave me another occasion to celebrate. For me, every NOPE I post is a celebration. So much so that I post them in my journal too. :) 

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