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Third day - mind over matter



Third day... what to say what to say. 
I am okay during the day, I have no cravings until 4 pm, I wasn't a during-the-day smoker.. I hated that first cigarette in the morning. The whole head rush was something I wasn't into. 
But when the sun goes down my head goes in to a tale spin and I really have to focus on my quit and determination to be a happier and healthier person and give myself the gift of life. 
I avoid my friends at the moment. I know they will give me a cig when I ask for it. And I know I am not strong enough to go head to head with temptation yet. But eventually I have to face those demons too. But first things first, get through this night and work through all the feelings and emotions. 

Upside: Smell and taste are improving! 

The boyfriend unit is very proud of me, he watched some of the documentaries with me last night - he is sweet like that. 


Oh oh oh and! I have a pumpkin to carve!! Decided to go with Dragonball this year - I will keep you updated with pictures when I start carving 😛


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You are doing the right thing Vivianne! Avoiding friends that would give you a cig would be pushing it at this early stage. You can and will face that situation later once your quit is stronger and you are making it that way daily now by adhering to NOPE! Trust in the process and stick with NOPE. You will never regret it, that's for sure!

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I agree with reciprocity Vivian, and your friends will totally understand. You're doing great! And I love your boyfriend, he's so supportive :) 

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That time was the hardest for me too in the beginning , my toughest time was from 6 in the evening to almost 10:30 at night  .


Somehow managed to overcome the dullness during that time .


I am very fresh again after 10:30

I am a person who is very energetic at night and late nights .

I don't know why its that way



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Most of the nicotine has left your body, V.

Now, it is addressing craves and triggers.

You are doing so great, it is a pleasure to witness your quit.


Stay focused and committed to Not One Puff Ever

and you will not go wrong.



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