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Approaching 24 hours!

Mood: Mostly positive and highly energetic with little swings towards the negative side and the " &#$^$ FYA!" thoughts
But I am still standing! *yeah yeah yeah*

Anyway, my mind is racing as is my body (I might need to up my adhd meds.. ) 
I tried naptime, but that didn't agree lol 
So here I am just rambling on and on and on.. 
I have nothing to tell, but time to kill 

I am pledging my NOPE again here for today -

I have told my dad today about my pledge and my plan, and he was very proud. He suffered a stroke and had a double bypass this year... but he did quit immediately - he is one of my heroes.


Gonna see the boyfriend unit this afternoon, he doesn't smoke, he never did. But he did a lot of research on the addiction topic and he is very understanding and supporting. 

Yeah this works! Deep Breaths, sip of water, music, singing, dancing... this moment will pass too! 

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Your boyfriend unit is going to love the new smoke free you! Have a great time :) Oh and nothing better than having your dad proud of you huh?!

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Doing great Viv.  As you power through each day, you become more powerful and strong.  Be proud of yourself.

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