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Hello everyone! I’m Arynn! I’m 24 years old and I have been smoking since I was 16. The past few months I’ve been having money problems because I’m chronically ill and have a lot of health provlems. I was forced to quit and I was bitter! My dad passed away this last May and when I was born he quit cold turkey immediately. I thought about this and decided I owe him this back by quitting. So, I’m currently 90 hour smoke free and I feel like I’m going to die.


I’ll post more about more about me and my symptoms and story in another topic! I look forward to meeting new people. 

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Hi and welcome to this wonderful place....

Congrats on your fabulous quit...

You are still so very young ,and not been smoking for many years...I wish I had quit at your age...OK....good news...we can help you...

There isn't anyone out there who wishes to quit ,that carnt make it happen... First....you must ..

Read all you can,we have tons of information that will help you understand this addiction...on the MAIN PAGE....you will find green pinned posts...

You will find them Quit Smoking Discussions just click on there

We have a daily NOPE pledge,to get you through each day...it's a promise to yourself ,you won't smoke for that day...

These are a great place to start...I'm sorry you have health issues...for one so young...you can do it...you have to believe in yourself...

It's quiet here weekends...but I'm sure others will be along soon to welcome you aboard...

Looking forward to getting to know you better...


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hi and welcome

please read, post and join in as much as possible, education and support here will get you through, use the social side for distractions and the many topics to read up on quitting and realise you are not alone here.


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Hello and welcome Arynn :) Congratulations on making the best decision you possibly could for your future. Smoking does nothing positive for us and only enslaves us in the form of a deadly addiction. The good news is, you too can beat this addiction and take your life back. We have done it and so can YOU! Stick around and read all your can . There are lots of resources here including a lot of quit smoking videos that cover about every aspect of quitting. Stay busy and distract yourself through the early days of your quit. We'll be here to support you. Be sure to participate here regularly. It really does make a difference :)

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Arynn, it makes me really happy to see a young person like you come to their senses and dump this stupid addiction at 24. Many of us on this forum were already hooked before it was known how harmful smoking is. It seems like lately so many young people have forgotten or disregard the dangers of smoking and are puffing away thinking it’s cool (again). Good for your for putting a stop to it and got honoring your dad in that way. Keep posting and “talking” about how you’re doing. KTQ! (Keep that quit!)

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