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Health question?

Amy R.

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Ok. So some of you may have seen my intro post where I talk about my anxiety and how it led me to quit a little over a month ago. I am currently at 5 full weeks smoke free and just now noticed today that when I take a big breath in I can hear the tiniest little wheeze type sound. Like I can ONLY hear it if there is no other noise in the room I’m in. Let me preface all this and say I was on mental health leave for anxiety all of February and this past Monday was first day back at work. Since returning, I have had 2 panic attacks after I got home. So my question is do you think this is just from the fresh anxiety I’m feeling or should I call my doctor like a weirdo asking for X-rays? There is no wheezing or crackling when I’m exhaling and my chest doesn’t feel tight. 

I'm sorry if I sound manic. I find I go through various stages of anxiety and as long as I’m not hyperventilating or sobbing I’m ok. Lol I hope this is the right place to ask this. Thank you everyone!

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Hi Amy, since you're not having any chest tightness or SOB it could be your lungs cleaning out the gunk or even your anxiety causing it. If you're really worried about it then you may want to go for a check up if for nothing else but peace of mind. 

You're doing great btw, congrats on five weeks quit 😊

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When quitting Amy, there's a lot of crap that's been plastered to our airways from years of smoking. That crap starts to dislodge after we quit and it takes some time for that to become completely resolved. It may just be something along these lines you're experiencing at the moment.

I don't know what your health care options are but I am a firm believer that anyone who has smoked for years (if not decades) should get at the very least a chest X-ray after they quit and better yet, a CT scan. That way you know for sure what you're dealing with in terms of the general condition of your lungs. Depending on where you live, and your age etc., there may be ways to get this done at little or no cost. Worth exploring IMO.

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