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Transferable Quit Skills


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I think that as you gain confidence in your successful quit

you will find that the skills used in quitting can be applied to other aspects in your life.


For example, the notion of H.A.L.T.

are you Hungry, Angry (which can be switched to emotional), Lonesome, Tired.


To this day, I turn to this technique for a variety of reasons and situations.

While it may not solve the underlying issue, it certainly alleviates compounding any distress by addressing these issues 

and I am better able to solve the problem if I am, at least, fed and well rested.


Another example of using a quitting skill is deep breathing !

an excellent technique to calm myself and think more clearly.

A conscious flow of Oxygen is a panacea, the handiest of magic elixirs !


Just knowing that we have the ability to change,

and acknowledging  the proof that we Have Changed, (we quit smoking!)

gives us encouragement to change other things in our life.


I know many of us have changed other aspects in our lives with 'quit smoking' skills.

The self-confidence acquired in quitting, especially, encouraged me in any endeavor.


What skills have you learned in quitting smoking

and how have you applied them to your fabulous nicotine free life ?

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I learned a lot about having empathy for people and their struggles.  I am more kind towards people, a good transferable skill useful in many parts of my life.  


At the same time, I learned to recognize junkie thinking and reasons for it.  Also a good transferable skill that can keep me from having empathy for someone who doesn't deserve it.

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I stopped making excuses and addressed a major issue head-on.


I stopped telling myself that I couldn't do it and put my head down and did it.


I made a commitment to myself and followed through.


I stayed focused on the big picture and wouldn't allow temporary feelings or events put me off course.


I built positive momentum for myself, success begets success, and used that momentum to make improvements in other areas of my life.


The basic tenets of a successful quit can be laid out as a blueprint for success in most any endeavor.

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