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  1. Hey guys, i'm interested in knowing how many people stop smoking using the two schools of thought Cold Turkey Vs Gradual Decline in smoking. So Cold Turkey is: Stopping smoking at one single time & never smoking again Gradual Decline is: Decreasing the amount you smoke over time until you are down to one cig a day then you stop completely What are peoples experience with these two methods, success rates, how you handled it etc? Thanks guys.
  2. Ohh no i missed the poll, it's closed!
  3. In general, what milestone are people most proud of?
  4. This is honestly one of the reasons i am quitting smoking
  5. Great advice, but if i drink whisky i for sure want to smoke lol
  6. What a great post, thanks for the story, it's really encouraging!
  7. What an amazing story, thank you for sharing, are you still a non smoker?

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