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  1. Christa326

    Why a relapse after so long

    ahhh we think "oh one will not kill me" but yes as addicts, it is not going to be just one! And even that one makes you a smoker. Point blank.. We can do this when stressed, drunk haha, etc. When my stepson passed I lit up the same night. I said it will just be to make it through the next few days..yeah OK! I smoked almost another 3 years. Never again. NOPE!
  2. Christa326

    WeegieWoman is 1 Year Smoke Free!

    Awesome, congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Christa326

    Christa326 is 3 months Smoke Free!

    Nice!! thank you ❤️ @c9jane29 ❤️ thank you
  4. Christa326

    MQ has 5 years of freedom!!

  5. Christa326

    Vale Stan Lee - RIP

    LEGEND! My oldest son looked up to him so much (he studies film) RIP Stan Lee!
  6. Christa326

    Christa326 is 3 months Smoke Free!

    thank you @notsmokinjo i will celebrate , probably with FOOD!
  7. Christa326

    Christa326 is 3 months Smoke Free!

    Oh so sweet you all!! Thank you so much!! It went so quickly (thank GOD!) lol . There is no turning back! Also went to that party w all those smokers and I was FINE! Had some drinks and not one urge and i smelled it on everyone, no bother except it smelled gross.
  8. Christa326

    not sure what i am looking for :/

    ugh yeah...not a pretty picture! LOVE this - especially #3!! Thank you!
  9. Probably just a NOPE NOPE and a lot of you don't want that! ha! I am going to be around a lot of smokers on Saturday for a friend's 25th wedding anniversary party. I have drank and been around smokers but this is much more of a smoking crowd. I WILL stay strong. I can breathe easy and can RUN! Guess i am just looking for more motivation. Outings like this still scare me :/
  10. Christa326

    WeegieWoman is 1 Year Smoke Free!

  11. Christa326

    Decided to quit smoking today

    Hi there! Welcome!! I too have also smoked for a while (a few years longer than you) I have to say being here on this site, for me, is literally a game changer. Read as much as you can. I found reading and watching videos of those who sadly have fallen ill from smoking helped me...i do not want to ever be in that situation - no one does. It is just such a terrible addiction. You can do this! If i did and so easily--so can YOU! Mind over matter
  12. Christa326

    Christa326 is 2 months Smoke Free!!

    @Boo that is so kind of you! Thansk so much. I truly cannot believe it has not been as hard as I thought. I am so thankful for this!!
  13. Christa326

    Christa326 is 2 months Smoke Free!!

    Thank you all so much - i appreciate each and every one of these posts immensely! XO
  14. Christa326

    Christa326 is 2 months Smoke Free!!

    Thank you all!!!!!!!!! 😂
  15. Christa326

    Christa326 is 2 months Smoke Free!!

    @MLMR THANK YOU!!! I really appreciate this! I haven't done anything really yet to celebrate this success......the weekend is here! Maybe a delicious meal! No drinks...we had our 25th anniversary party at the office and i had enough of those on Wednesday haha (and made it without a smoke!!! I used to smoke SOOO much if i drank!) and yes, this is much easier than anticipated bc i feel physically better

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