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  1. Christa326

    Tammy is 3 Months Smoke Free!

    Congratulations @Tammy
  2. Christa326

    How long did it take?

    @TobacNO Hi there!! I have to say this quit (39 days in!) has been a breeze for me. My life revolved around smoking. Eat, smoke, clean, smoke, work, go break to smoke...even work out then SMOKE! I feel so much better--breathing better, my skin looks better. It is just better! I feel this time it only took me about a week or so to feel normal. The thoughts are what are there now BUT then i just think about how good i feel and that is all it takes, or i come here, a life saving site!! You can do this! Mind over matter!
  3. Christa326

    this is HUGE!

    oh SO GLAD!! It actually makes me ill thinking of it, especially the quantity . not good! it was so AWESOME!!! hair did not smell, dress still fresh (with the exception of a little sweat lol) it is a great feeling!!!
  4. Christa326

    this is HUGE!

    @jillar @notsmokinjo thank you so much! I was so happy the next day like WOW! that wasn't so bad after all!!! (just kicking myself for alllll i used to smoke while drinking) gross.
  5. Christa326

    this is HUGE!

    Hi Guys! Hope you all had a great weekend! So, for me this is huge and I am so proud of myself! Saturday night, my cousin got married..open bar, etc...i drank SO much (haha) and had a great time...i am not a drinker and when i did, the amount of smokes was disgusting. I cannot believe I did not smoke AT ALL!!! The thought passed my mind ever so briefly and then i smelled it on others and was all....NOPE!! Enjoying life w/o smoking is possible! WOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO during my last quit, there was NO way i could drink bc i was too scared of smoking. I am so much stronger. Health scare or not. This is great!
  6. Christa326

    Christa326 is 1 Month Smoke Free!

    Thank you all for your kind words. I know, i cannot believe it has been a whole month!!!!! Being active on here is really what helps me so much so I owe you all all my gratitude, truly! Hugs!
  7. @Linda Thomas you are correct .. I have one more stepchild, a girl and also , 2 sons and 1 daughter. and yes , let’s do this together ! I am here and so is everyone one else on this site. We all understand each other. This site and these ppl are lifesavers !
  8. Christa326

    Sslip is 8 Months Smoke Free!

    CONGRATS!!!!!!!!! Keep up the awesome work!
  9. Christa326

    A bit of encouragement for all

    thank you, S! cannot lie, the thoughts are still there BUT i am stronger this time, It feels great. hugs!
  10. Christa326

    At long last ...it's nearly here..!!!

    awesome! i cannot believe how much he looks like Freddy mercury!
  11. Hi All! I know this journey can be such a hard one so i wanted to share some of the greatness i have encountered during this quit, in hopes anyone struggling will read this and be motivated!! I am happy to say this quit has been much easier than my last. During my last, i didn't want to leave my house for months. I was pretty miserable. Now, i notice my anxiety has gone down SO much and my shortness of breath (and it is only been 29 days) More pluses: my husband said my skin is glowing! (i know smoking was making me look "gray??") if that makes sense...i notice this in other smokers i know. I have so much more uninterrupted play/cuddle time with my kids. I do not have to wash my hands before play/cuddles (we love to cuddle in my house lol) or spray perfume all over myself, which only masked the stink anyway. I was on the train with my little girl and a smoker sat next to me, he smelled terrible...this is what i used to smell like i am sure! Lastly, i did have a health scare (which thank God turned out to be nothing) which is maybe why this time is easier,.BUT---trust me people, you DO NOT want to have that fear in your heart. Knowing full well you could have stopped this, prevented a sickness, by quitting. I have never been so scared while waiting for results, so please, keep up the good work everyone!
  12. @Linda Thomas i am sorry to hear of all this! but so proud you haven't smoked! i agree with Doreen, you have to put yourself first and by not smoking you are doing just that. during my first "good " quit my 12 year old (then 10) was diagnosed w/ osteomyelitis of his spinal disc and couldn't walk. with a lot of hospital time and recovery he is fine now, thank GOD. i thought of smoking then A LOT...but knew i had to be well for him. you can do this!
  13. Christa326


    thank you all...i got through it like i knew i would! i know smoking isn't going to make me feel better, bring him back, or anything positive. your words mean the world to me. Hope you are all having a great week! xx
  14. Christa326


    @My life, my recovery i do not know what happened that made you upset BUT boy can i relate!! this weekend/last week was more than trying for me and i made i too!! we can do this! keep telling yourself the fact: smoking will not make this better!!! literally only worse
  15. Christa326


    Thank you so much for sharing your story. I am sorry your parents are this way and i can relate as my mom did not raise me and when i became an adult she expected me to take care of her....right.....i am sorry for your loss and yes this should make you stronger bc you do not want to get sick from a smoke related illness. i know we can do this! Our parents treat as such and it only makes us stronger!!

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