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  1. Christa326

    Happy New Year!!!

    Hi Sazerac! It is going great - i almost cannot believe how well!! I feel great, look better, it truly just gets better!! Thank you!
  2. Christa326

    Happy New Year!!!

    Hi all, Sorry i am late but wanted to wish all you beautiful people a Happy New Year!! Hope everyone is well! xx
  3. Christa326

    Christa326 is 4 months Smoke Free!

    Thank you so much !!! i feel amazing.
  4. Christa326

    Father died of emphysema last night

    @Kate18 so sorry for your loss. my dad also had emphysema. you can do this, and this is a great support system. hugs!
  5. Christa326


    You got this!!! It WILL pass!!! I remember my first quit being the same, could NOT stop thinking about it.,,wanting to hit up the corner store. actually getting a little excited that i may just say screw it and do it. but NOPE it will pass. Good job on coming here. That shows you DONT want to smoke!!
  6. Christa326

    Hello, etc.

    Hi Linda- No, no one was inside smoking but i smelled it a lot!! the doors were wide open :/ yes, you cannot smoke anywhere in NY either. Good thing! Happy Holidays
  7. Christa326

    Hello, etc.

    Hi all, I just like to post randomly here because you all are a huge part of my success and I do not want that to be forgotten! I was out this weekend for my birthday and so many smokers were around, I did not realize so many people still smoked, or maybe it was just social smoking as we were at a bar! I was drinking and the thought of smoking did pass my mind, I cannot lie...but it lasted for about 3 minutes and I did not give in!! I am proud. I knew I would hate myself. How is everyone doing and coping with the Holiday season?????
  8. Christa326

    Check in Roll Call and Status check

    @c9jane29 heyyyyy!!! i am great - exhausted bc i stupidly had very strong Italian coffee last night way too late...up all night and now working...zzzzz excited for Thanksgiving! Cooking up a storm. How are you and what are your Holiday plans?
  9. Christa326

    Why a relapse after so long

    ahhh we think "oh one will not kill me" but yes as addicts, it is not going to be just one! And even that one makes you a smoker. Point blank.. We can do this when stressed, drunk haha, etc. When my stepson passed I lit up the same night. I said it will just be to make it through the next few days..yeah OK! I smoked almost another 3 years. Never again. NOPE!
  10. Christa326

    WeegieWoman is 1 Year Smoke Free!

    Awesome, congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Christa326

    Christa326 is 3 months Smoke Free!

    Nice!! thank you ❤️ @c9jane29 ❤️ thank you
  12. Christa326

    MQ has 5 years of freedom!!

  13. Christa326

    Vale Stan Lee - RIP

    LEGEND! My oldest son looked up to him so much (he studies film) RIP Stan Lee!
  14. Christa326

    Christa326 is 3 months Smoke Free!

    thank you @notsmokinjo i will celebrate , probably with FOOD!

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