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  1. Congratulations @Sazerac SO AMAZING!
  2. Congratulations! You can do this! & this is such a great place to be! I couldn't have done it without this site
  3. @MLMR thank you so much! I am feeling great, my anxiety has significantly lessened which is huge. I still experience it but not nearly as much as i did when i was a smoker. I can breathe easier and working out isn't such a struggle. VERY RARE the urge will come which is only in a social setting where others are smoking, all i have to do is remember how crappy i felt as a smoker and that does the trick!! one more day and you are there too!!!!!!!!! how are you feeling?
  4. Thank you all!! so proud of myself for sure and forever thankful for this site
  5. Thank you all for your constant encouragement
  6. Thank you I went for an hour massage this weekend haha.1 year i will do 2 hours
  7. Thank you all! I have been under a lot of stress but the thought of smoking honestly makes me sick, i can feel myself not being able to breathe just thinking of it! I am happy to be at a place where i know smoking will not ease my stress. C
  8. Hi Diane - Congratulations on making this choice!! I cannot give you any feedback on Chantix (i did cold turkey) but i have heard good things! Good luck, you can do this - remember you are stronger than the nicotine!
  9. Thank you all!!!! Very exciting for sure and the longest i have been quit! looking forward to the 1 year mark
  10. congrats!!!!!!!!!!!! keep up the good work!
  11. years ago meaning a failed quit...9 months i have been fully done. thank you!! thanks so much! i must say this pic looks like my husband as a child so much!!!
  12. Hey ya'll!! I am super proud bc i am 9 months smoke free!!!! Again, I am blessed bc i have had no cravings at all! Life is better, anxiety significantly decreased as well. It was torture when i quit years ago, but this i am so grateful for! How are you all doing? I always lurk haha, thanking you all again
  13. Congratulations @c9jane29 HUGE celebration is due!!!!

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