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  1. Do not feel that way! You are fighting a horrible addiction and you are very strong and WILL beat it. These feelings happen to the best of us! Read and watch former smoker videos, it WORKS! *Mind over matter*
  2. Hi Jeana!! Congratulations on taking this awesome step!!
  3. Hey everyone! Thank you all for your kind words. I am so proud that i am SMOKE FREE! I cannot thank you all enough for your encouragement and support. I must say (and thank God and my angels) that this has been easy for me. I have quit before and it was sooo hard. I am so grateful this time around. I think it was just getting to me - not feeling well, etc. I absolutely feel better, my anxiety has lessened. And my skin looks great. A lot of people have noticed this also! Also no longer short of breath and can do more rigorous workouts. :) BEST part is how proud my kids are.
  4. @MLMR thank you, and yes!! it is a great feeling
  5. that is rough that everyone around you smokes! They should not do it around you, at least in the beginning of your quit.Chin up. You can do this.
  6. Thank you all SO much!!! I just saw this, so kind and adding to my motivation. You guys are the best. xox
  7. This is a great post!! Love every word. Thank you, Marti & I am sorry for the loss of your Mom.
  8. You did it! That is what you tell yourself when people leave and you feel anxious bc you got through the worst. I just saw that you quit for a year and went back. I have been there too. You should be so excited bc you are so young and you are starting a great foundation for a happy, healthy life. GET EXCITED!!
  9. I feel like it bothers me because so many of us struggle to be 100% free of it, and for someone to walk around acting like they kicked it like that, is BS! Argh just venting. LOL!
  10. Hi Linda, I am sorry you are going through this...you are doing amazing especially by writing here, you got this! Sending you hugs and strength. c
  11. Hi all! I may be mistaken so please do not chop my head off. :/ On this board, the quitters are fully quit - no crutches like an ecig, vaping, etc? Yes? this, to me would be not a real quit. I know someone who is boasting about being smoke free but is using these devices. Is it crazy that this offends me?
  12. Thank you all for your always kind and motivating words!!! xxxx
  13. Hi Sazerac! It is going great - i almost cannot believe how well!! I feel great, look better, it truly just gets better!! Thank you!

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