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  1. super duper job 9 months keep it up don't change any
  2. congratulations 4 months is terrific don't change anything
  3. Doing super duper work keep it up congratulations 4 months
  4. Put it this way Tri unscrambling an egg once the DNA is screwed up they can't do anything to unscramble it
  5. I'm trying to make sure I don't get myself in trouble getting public information I'm using my friend's password he's a doctor to getting to the New England Journal of Medicine what happens if I make the public information public I'm kidding but I'm not two passwords for public information and you have to be a doctor not very public everybody see that six pages the formulas why what's there actually the chemical formulas I can see why they don't want this out there
  6. I saw the output from the mass spectrometer of smoke from cigarettes hundreds of benzene molecules formaldehyde that's always good for living things complicated long-chain molecule chain after chain thousands of complex bad things I didn't want to know this much
  7. You're doing a great job you should be happy just keep it up
  8. Super duper doing a great job keep it up 9 months
  9. That tends to confuse people everybody's talking about a different cigarette pipe cigar the amount of chemicals Menthol or not so things tend to get confusing
  10. Between 400 and 800 chemicals become 7000 when is burned
  11. Congratulations one-year remarkable don't change anything
  12. All nicotine is bad. Does it matter what form it's presented to you in, including chewing tobacco this is about not using nicotine yes it's as simple as that
  13. Vaping e-cigs pills patches just prolong detoxing

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